What Is A Bitcoin Generator, Bitcoin Mining and How to Earn Free Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and world’s first decentralized virtual currency. The electronic currency has no physical existence, it all exists online. The digital currency has no middlemen, so no banks other financial institutions. The payment system peer-to-peer hence no transaction charges are levied on the transaction. In this easy guide we take an in-depth look at  bitcoin generator methods and free bitcoin mining efforts. Along with a heap of things that people often do not know about the cryptocurrency.

The virtual currency was invented by an anonymous person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoins foundation technology is Blockchain, a shared ledger to document transactions. The digital currency has no central bank or repository that verifies transactions. Also, it is not controlled by any individual or group. All transactions are recorded on the distributed database hence resulting in complete transparency and zero manipulation.

Bitcoin Units

Many who are new to Bitcoin, get confused with the currency’s units and denominations. The digital currency was invented with an idea of artificial scarcity meaning, only a fixed number of coins could ever be mined. In the case of Bitcoin, the number is 21 million coins after which it cannot be mined. Hence, the cryptocurrency was designed to increase in value as time goes.

Basically, there are three main denominations in the bitcoin system. These are

Bitcoin Block Reward
1 Bitcoin
1 Satoshi

The block reward means the award given to miners when the equation solved for the block. Furthermore, 1 Bitcoin value entirely depends on the market that buys and sell. Therefore, when the demand increases the value goes up. Moreover, 1 Satoshi is the smallest part of the Bitcoin, so that transaction can be made in small amounts. 1 Bitcoin is equal to 100,000,000 Satoshi.

Commonly, Bitcoin is demonstrated in three denominations

BTC = 1 full Bitcoin
MilliBitcoin = 1 thousand of Bitcoin, it’s indicated as mBTC.
MicroBitcoin – 1 millionth of Bitcoin – its symbol is uBTC

What Is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining in simple words is the process to verify transaction to the Blockchain. So, miners solve mathematical puzzles to add the transaction to the public ledger which is the Blockchain. Bitcoin nodes make use of blockchain to make sure transaction amount are no re-spent somewhere else.

The Bitcoin mining process uses special mining equipment to solve complex mathematical problems. This in return rewards the miners with certain Bitcoins. Thus, in other words, it is a smart currency that keeps all tied to the system benefiting everyone.

Is Free Bitcoin Mining Possible?

Bitcoin mining is no more a new thing, there are many websites out there that offer such service. These companies just require the user to make a free account on their website and then start earning. Although, these sites ask users to make an initial deposit and then start the mining process. Majority of these websites are Ponzi and just cheat its users. These sites first claim to provide free Bitcoins, but in reality, they only offer part of bitcoin and other altcoins such as litecoin or Dogecoin.

In addition to that, there are tons of cloud mining websites and online mining games that avow to give free bitcoins. Nothing is free in the world, and it would rather be better to use the time in studying blockchain and analyzing the cryptocurrency market. Also, having a knowledge of the crypto trading market can be helpful.

There is nothing like free BTC mining, all have something cooking on the backend. If there is a scheme that demands initial investment it would be best to keep away. The best alternative is to set up mining machines if one is really interested in mining bitcoins.

What Does Bitcoin Generator Mean?

It is unbelievable because if bitcoin generator methods were that easy then people building huge mining farms would go the easy way out. This is nothing but another scam trick for people who are new it. Also to gain trust, these sites go all the way to fool users.
Also, some sites bait users to generate bitcoin so they could withdraw them. This is how they scam newbies interested into cryptocurrency. Also, it is advisable to stay away from tricks that request you to send BTC in order to start generating bitcoin. Many professionals get caught in such Ponzi schemes were a website request small amount as signup money to commence generating bitcoin.

How To Earn Free Bitcoin & Other Methods?

Here we will discuss the four main chief ways to earn BTC online. These are reliable methods that will help one get their hands on Bitcoin.

Mining Bitcoins

The first ways to earn Bitcoins is through mining. This is one of the safest ways to get the popular virtual currency. The only issue with this is the cost of the mining machine. Additionally, miners need to account for electricity charges that run these machines. These are very rewarding now, but on a long run, it can be unprofitable in some regions very electricity is expensive. Despite being so costly, this is a popular bitcoin generator method for people who know how to carry out mining.

Sell Products For Bitcoins

An additional way to earn BTC is to sell something for Bitcoin. It can be anything from furniture to cars. Therefore, as a merchant one can opt for Bitcoin as a payment method. There are many third-party websites that allow payment in Bitcoin.

Services For Bitcoins

Doing work for Bitcoins is a great way to own the popular currency. Seling services such as designing or programming work are yet another way to get your hand on the cryptocurrency. Many companies offer such payment options. The problem with it is that person paying should agree to pay using Bitcoin.

Earn Bitcoin Via Trading

There are a number of cryptocurrency exchanges globally that offer to the trade of these currencies. These trading applications let you buy and sell bitcoins and altcoins. With a bit of insight in the crypto industry, one can predict if the price will rise or not. These skills can help you earn some tokens while giving you some knowledge of the industry.

Altcoin Mining and Dogecoin Mining 

Altcoins are digital currencies that are in many ways similar to Bitcoin. The term altcoin means an alternative to bitcoin. Some of these coins are – dogecoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash. Although, they differ by the distribution system and their economic model. These coins use foundational building blocks same as bitcoins.

Dogecoin mining uses a special computer and hardware with the purpose to verify transactions and secures the network. Therefore, miners verifying transactions are rewarded with Dogecoin, same as bitcoin miners

The network is secure same as Bitcoin as it uses the proof of work to confirm payments. However, this makes it time-consuming and also costly in terms of energy consumption. The methods used to gather Altcoin and Dogecoin are similar to bitcoin generator methods.

Cryptocurrencies are a great thing as the supply can be distributed at intervals. Many experts believe it to be the future currency. However, there are many who do not approve of the cryptocurrencies but accept the foundational blockchain technology. Even if we do not see cryptocurrencies in the future, we sure are to see blockchain application on the larger scale.

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