U.S Is The Only Country To Hold Out On Paris Climate Change Pledge

President Donald Trump is causing quite the stir amongst climate change groups.. The recently elected 45th president of the United States is refusing to sign his pledge to the Group of 7 (G7) in support of the 195-nation Paris climate deal on Saturday. The U.S.A is the only country not to sign the support pledge (as of now).

Trump has tweeted the reason why he has not signed the pledge as of yet. Stating that he is still undecided on the matter and not in-favour or opposed to the pledge. He also tweeted that he would be making his decision next week.

Morale within the G7 has been disrupted due to Trump’s uncertainty and the decision from the U.S is still unknown.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that the discussions were “intense” and the other nations sided with the pledge. Merkel also told reporters that she “made it clear that we want the U.S. to stick to its commitments.”

Despite Trump being indecisive, The White House has said that President Trump’s mind had changed after listening to other world leaders. As next seven days unfold, we will get to see the outcome of the climate change pledge and Trump’s stance.

“I think his views are evolving,” Donald Trump’s National Economic Counsellor Gary Cohn told reporters. “He came here to learn, he came here to get smarter and he came here to hear people’s views.”

Sources state that Trump will be afflicted to sign the pledge because he has stated he will back coal, oil and natural gas sectors. This will put him in an opposing role against the climate change pledge.

Cohn also said “His basis for decision ultimately is going to be what’s best for the United States,”.