Travis Scott Screams At Studio Exec In Leaked Audio


In this newly released audio we can hear Travis Scott shouting at a studio executive during a music video shoot. As of now, we are unsure what Travis is angry about but the transcript is below.

If you can’t then leave, man! Get me somebody who can do what the f*** I want! If you can’t do it, then get the f*** out! Stop wasting my fuc**** time, man! Me and every fuc**** body. Been stuck on that shit for four hours! Hurry the f*** up! Pussy ass shit. Take yo fuc**** ass home if you can’t do this shit. Pussy ass shit man. Get me a mother fuc**** professional, man. We need no pussy ass… F***, man! Get me what the f*** I want! Stop wasting my fuc**** time. When I was on the fuc**** phone, I said I wanted the shot to be over the fuc**** top. Don’t you ever waste any of my fuc**** time, man! Wasting my fuc**** time! I’ve been here for fuc**** five hours! I don’t want to fuc**** be calm! There’s nothing to talk about! Bitch! What I want! I don’t want people standing, I want it fuc**** fixed! If you can’t fix it, get the f*** out, man! Only people here who can fix it. Fix it, man! If you can’t fix it, get the f*** out. All this pussy ass shit, man! Wasting my fuc**** time and fuc**** money. God damn, man! Been here for fuc**** hours, man. Punk ass bitch, get yo bitch ass outta here. F*** ass hoe! F*** that bitch, man. Let’s…

More information regarding the leaked audio may be releasing soon.