Touch ID Vs 3D Facial Recgnition For The iPhone 8

Will Touch ID be replaced by 3D facial recognition by Apple.

Today, we take a look at the heavily anticipated Touch ID Vs 3D Facial Recgnition for the upcoming iPhone 8.

Why Apple Won’t Get Rid of Touch ID

Rumors of the iPhone 8 are swirling around the internet. Fans of all things Apple and iPhone are waiting with baited breath for even the smallest morsel of information about the currently unreleased device. What will it look like? What kind of screen will it have? What will the new iOS be like. What new features will it offer? Is it true there won’t be a home button? So many questions and Apple is reveling in the anticipatory rumors. One question; however, seems more important than the rest: will the new iPhone have Touch ID? While the jury is still out on it, here’s three reasons why they won’t.

Touch ID is Accurate

Touch ID isn’t just an Apple thing anymore. Samsung phones use it, as do numerous other Android phones. It is convenient for users and doesn’t require much thought and preparation to use. Unlike passwords, pass-gestures, retina scans, or facial recognition, Touch ID is fool proof. Everyone has a story about the day they locked themselves out of their phone because an outside factor (being drunk, tired, or distracted) caused a momentary lapse in memory. Touch ID protects against it.

Touch ID is Fool Proof

The replacement unlock feature being bandied about is a 3D facial recognition system. However, without testing it in the real world with real users with some kind of additional unlock option in place, this could be a huge mistake for Apple. Just watching makeup tutorials on Instagram can show you how much a face can change in an hour, none the less weeks and months. If a man with a full beard decides to shave on a whim one night, will he still be able to unlock his iPhone in the morning? Will learning how to contour your face properly leave you locked out of the new iPhone 8 until you wash your face? Apple may have tested this but, real world testing needs to happen to ensure that it is fool proof and accurate no matter what.

Touch ID Is Convenient

Using Touch ID requires no thought and very little preparation. Even on Android phones with awkward finger scanner placements, once you’ve used it a few times you know exactly where to hit your finger. Even if the facial recognition option is 99.9999 percent accurate under all circumstances, will it really be easy to unlock the new iPhone 8 under all circumstances. It doesn’t seem like facial recognition would be easy to stealthy use to unlock your phone for a quick peak and response to a text message.

Whatever Apple does decide to do with the security features of the iPhone 8, it is extremely unlikely that they would remove the Touch ID without first testing their new feature alongside it in real world application with real people, in real life situations.

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