The Biggest Widescreen 4K TV In The World Is $500,000

The Biggest TV Of All Time

Game Of Thrones Season 7 is coming back to our screens July 16th and what better way to enjoy the show than on the biggest tv of all time. The widescreen TV comes in 4K clarity and is called the C SEED 262. The company who makes the 262, C SEED is a luxury electronics producer. If Game Of Thrones isn’t your thing, then maybe a game of NBA 2K18 would suffice.

The TV is absolutely monstrous and measures in at a huge 6144 mm by 2574 mm. It boasts a 4K LED display with black LED technology allowing for a higher contrast. Thanks to innovative UHD technology, vibrant colours and more vibrant than ever before. The maximum brightness levels are 800 nit, black and white colours are extremely sharp in quality.

If you happen to be TV connoisseur you will appreciate the fact that the C SEEd 262 comes equip with an integrated 4K media server. Once integrated with your home wifi you can blast music through the six-speaker surround-sound system. The remote that comes with the TV is something from a sci-fi film, with one button it can cover the entire screen.

“C SEED innovators have turned their attention to indoors, where up to now conventional wisdom dictated that full cinematic entertainment is only available in a private movie theater in a remote corner of a luxury mansion,”. This is what C SEED included in their press release.

The price of this TV matches its size, with a $549,000 price tag. With such a whopping cost, you would expect to see something like this sitting in Jay Z’s living room.

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