Tesla Model M – The Electric Motorcycle

For fans of Elon Musk and Tesla, the idea of an electric motorcycle would seem like a progression that is almost certain as Tesla expand their roster of vehicles. While despite Elon Musk not officially announcing the production of an electric motorcycle we take a look at what the vehicle would look like. Dubbing it the ‘Tesla Model M’.

Tesla has changed the electric vehicle landscape and what we perceive as a ‘futuristic vehicle’. The idea of electric cars and motorbikes has been around since the 1900’s, but the Model M will change how we expect motorbikes in the future to look like.

The Specs

Tesla Model M spec
Tesla Model M spec

Whilst the Model M doesn’t boast the 0-60 time of the upcoming Tesla Roadster, the Model M is quick off the mark nonetheless. With a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds the motorcycle is champed only by the Kawasaki Ninja H2R.

The engine in question is a Tesla designed electric engine capable of 290hp. Total weight of the standard Model M is 400lb and this weight is made mainly from the wheels.

Battery range of the Model M is a staggering 150 miles (241 km) on a single charge and custom options can increase that to 200 miles (321 km).


Factory pricing of the Tesla Model M begins from $45,000USD (£34,000GBP) for stock options. The performance edition is priced at $70,000USD (£53,000GBP).

Carbon fibre accents and carbon fibre wheels will also be available, these additional parts have not yet been priced and are expected to be a custom feature for “requesting users only”.


tesla model m design
Tesla Model M design

As we can see in the aesthetic mockup the “Tesla Motorbike” will have a large battery pack stored under the body of the bike. With the battery being so low, this allows for vast storage space – which is different to what we typically see on petrol powered motorbikes.

The front of the bike sports a digital panel similar to the interface available on the ‘Tesla Model S‘. Similar to the Model S, the Model M will feature autonomous technology (autopilot functionality).

Aerodynamics ensure that the ‘M’ is more efficient on cell usage than other electric vehicles. The front air-intake is similar to what you would see on a track-focused vehicle.

The kickstand is as opulent as the rest of the motorcycle, with it standing the bike upright when not in driving mode. The pegs have been designed with the Model S doors in mind as is clear to see from the visual diagram.


Tesla Model M features
Tesla Model M features

Functionality and aesthetics live hand-in-hand on the Model M with the control touchpanel being the point of focus. The panel is curved upwards towards the rider and boasts day and night modes which allows for better visibility depending on the time of day and sunlight exposure.

Along with autopilot functionality, the touchscreen panel also features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This ensures an entertaining journey regardless of the destination. Not only for entertainment purposes, the control panel has iOS and Android integration to allow unlocking and starting of the motorbike from the App’s mobile interface. This can be done not only from your iPhone or Android device but your smartwatches also (compatibility varies from model).

Model M has a 4k rear view camera with two dedicated screens, allowing the user to see what is behind them at all times when changing lanes. The rear view cameras dim and light up in accordance to the time of day, stopping glare from distracting the user.

The fuel door is hidden on the bike to create a sealed-unit visual. Although, when the user carrying the key-fob approaches the bike, the fuel door will unlatch – allowing the charge cable to be inserted. The Tesla home charger is compatible to the Model M and so is every other electric charging station.

Design Studio – Customize Your Model M

Tesla Model M customize
Tesla Model M customize

Like with most premium vehicles, you can customize the appearance of your Model M add specific upgrade  requirements for the engine and body-kit. From the paint of the body to the spokes on the wheels, the Model M can be the perfect representation of it’s owner.

For Tesla shareholders, this could be the cash cow they have been hoping for. Stay updated as Tesla news unveils. And for Tesla fans who cannot get their hands on a Model S then the Model M maybe the cheapest electric car/bike available.