Technology’s Impact On The Sports Industry

In the past few years, technology has impacted almost every part of our society. It isn’t always clear to see the change that technology has brought about in the sporting world. Many processes in sports have became more accurate and easier to carry out thanks to new tech.

Social Media And Sports

Sports coverage has became much easier as time has gone on. Previous sports fixtures were only broadcasted on a few channels, now there are various options for you to watch your favorite team play. Not to mention you can pause the match from your TV and rewind your favorite moments. In recent years, if you couldn’t watch the game at home due to time commitments you would miss it completely. Now, you can record the match and watch it as many times as you want. Goodbye sports column..

Fantasy sports bring a new aspect to the digital sporting world. As a fan, you are able to to take over your favorite team and players.


E-sports competitions allow the best sports gamers in the world to compete in arenas against each other. The e-sports industry is a growing industry, last year earnings rose to $905 million for e-sports gamers. You can have betting sites that allow you to place bets on your favorite eSports gamer.

Just like professional athletes, eSports players play computer games against each other with thousands of dollars in winnings up for grabs.

2010 saw eSports gain popularity as streaming technology advanced and became more available. Gamers such as Ninja, a popular gamer, earns over $500,000 per month from gaming.

Ticket Sales

Before online ticketing became an option, you would have to purchase tickets to a fixture before the game. The choices of buying tickets were trading or buying from the stadium office. This is majorly inefficient and often costly.

Sports fans are now able to purchase ticks online in minutes. You can choose wether to buy cheap tickets at the last minute or book months in advance to ensure a good seat. Many apps give you the opportunity to purchase tickets, you can even purchase them off your Facebook timeline.

Sports Gear

We can design and produce sporting equipment with accuracy that wasn’t possible before. For example, some surf boards are designed using design software to maximize its weight. New helmets are also designed on computers before they are produced to ensure it protects an athletes head. Scoreboards are also in high-definition and also record the game so you can rewatch yourself play.. depending on where you are playing.

In summary, technology advancements has made the sporting world more accessible and safer for athletes. Stay updated with the latest technology news.