Stocks to invest in For Short-Term And Long-Term Gains

We look at some stocks to invest in to diversify your portfolio.

Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are just some of the best stocks to invest in right now. With short-term gains comes high risk, long-term gains have lower risk.

Best Stocks To Invest In For Short-Term Gains

Short term trading can last a few minutes (intraday) up to a few days, but the risk is high. To make it worth while a trader must know what rewards can be gained from a stock. These are our top choices for best stocks to invest in for short-term gains.

Alphabet: GOOG

Stocks to invest in

Despite a stock price well over $1000, Google still has plenty room to grow. Primarily, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) makes money through selling ad spaces. This is the driving force behind Google’s high share price. For investors this is seen as an issue because most of the firms eggs are in one basket due to limited revenue streams. As privacy legislations becomes more restricted, the online advertising landscape has been squeezed for growth recently.

Alphabet is also working on other products that also drive the GOOG stock price. Investors shouldn’t overlook the other options that Google has to generate revenue, such as their tech products. As Google advances in their technology, growth in revenue should ensue.

Alphabet is also in the driverless car market as of recent, their company Waymo is developing autonomous cars as your’e reading this. Without much coverage, Google has become one of the lead-innovators for self-driving car technology. Waymo is working with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to produce a fleet of driverless cars. For investors this is great news because it means that Alphabet is creating new revenue channels.

At the moment, Alphabets smaller projects such as ‘Waymo’ are bringing losses, which lowers the GOOG stock price. Although, once these projects advance, profits will be made and the GOOG stock price will increase massively.

Facebook: FB

Stocks to invest in

Facebook’s ridiculously vast user-base ensures that monetisation is not an issue. With over 1.79 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a tech giant that isn’t going anywhere soon. Even though Facebook stock took a hit in July this may be the best time to invest. Due to Facebook’s limited revenue streams, some investors are being cautious when investing. Once the stock price is 20 times below earnings then it will become more appealing to some investing.

The FB stock is down 20% since its Q2 earning report published. Another concern that traders face is the falling active-user base that Facebook allegedly has. This is not exactly the case, Facebook still has a growing active user-base, but it is not growing as fast as it was.

Amazon: AMZN 

Stocks to invest in

Amazon has flourished from an online book retailer to one of the top ten largest retailers in the world. Amazon’s growth shows no sign of stagnation and this is great for investors. By 2021, Amazon is set to be the largest apparel retailer in the U.S. with an estimated revenue of $62 billion from apparel on its own. If you add TJ Maxx and Macy’s together, it will not be larger than Amazon’s revenue from apparel.

Amazon Prime Video is also growing in popularity thanks to new original content. Not forgetting its Web Services business, which is more advanced than Alphabet’s and Microsoft cloud solutions. As Amazon primes itself to take on the grocery market, investors are also preparing themselves to make positions on the stock.

AMZN is one of the best stocks to invest in today.

Delta Air Lines: DAL

Stocks to invest in

With great improvements on Delta’s bottom line, with the trading price is still that of a typical airline. Delta has worked to cut debt by 50% since 2009, which has resulted in a more attractive investment asset. To bring in more shareholders, Delta even pays 1.7percent dividend and is constantly repurchasing stock.

The way Delta look at their stock is not like other airlines and more of an industrial company, which will increase its share price. Delta has great amounts of cash and generated $4.1 billion in the last 52-weeks.. DAL share price is on the rise and this may be the best time to invest in Delta for the next few weeks, for short-term gains. 9.8 percent of Delta’s revenue was put back into dividends.

Disney: DIS

Stocks to invest in

Disney is switching to an internet-based streaming service, which is being globally marketed. Thanks to Disney’s theme parks, TV networks and films, we can expect the Disney stock price to increase dramatically.

The Fox deal gives Disney leverage in the streaming world. Buying Fox’s platform gives Disney lots of new media to use. Disney has bought Fox’s sports rights, movies, cable channels and even more. Fox also has stakes in international media companies, giving Disney a much needed push in the streaming market, which Netflix currently dominates.

Disney earnings are still good despite Q3 revenues below predictions. Maybe analysts projections were too high for the stock. By entering the streaming world, the Disney stock price will benefit once a foothold has been made in the market.

Disney is also on our top 10 stocks to buy today list.

Best Stocks To Invest In For Long-Term Gains

Investing long term is less risky than short-term trading. Diversifying your portfolio with long-term stocks is wise when investing in under-valued stocks. Long-term investors have time on their side and can rest easy when their stock falls, knowing that in years to come it will provide gains on the price they bought in at. These are good stocks to buy for long-term positions.

FedEx: FDX

Stocks to invest in

FedEx is the one of the biggest market players in the logistics market. The company model is that of a holding company, acquiring companies such as TNT ensures that FedEx is always innovating. We can expect stock price increase to be around 26.6%. Dividend income will reach $10.00 and the price prediction for FedEx is around $292 by the end of 2018. In the next five years we predict the FedEx stock to reach around $490. Which makes FedEx one of the best stocks to invest in for long-term gains.

Nike: NKE

Stocks to invest in

Nike is more than just a footwear company as it dominated the apparel market and all other athletic-wear for that matter. Nike boasts high profit margins and healthy growth, not to mention $4 billion in cash and minimal amounts of debt. In developing economies such as China, Nike is growing in popularity.

The price prediction for Nike has been increased from $78 to $93 a share. This is because Nike’s stock price increased by 3% last week. Hitting a new 52-week high. NKE is one of the best stocks to invest in for the next few months due to Nike’s adaptability in the digital retail age.

These stocks are only suggestions to research, within a matter of days a company can encounter headwind and send the stock price into a downwards spiral. Here are the most promising stocks of 2018 to invest in.