Stock Price Target For Big Companies

These are a couple of the most active stocks of this year and we take a look at their price targets for the next quarter and beyond.

NVIDIA Stock Price Target:

One of the most prominent and the beneficiaries of surging demands for graphic processing units, chipsets and tegra processor segments along with AI based and cloud based computing has been NVIDIA. The company since its inception has seen a constant Y-axis upward road although stumbling down a few times in the past decade or so. NVIDIA’s stock price target has been on an incredible high of 1,700% over the past half-decade with the ever rising market of video gamers, cryptocurrency and data centres insatiable needs. The current stock price of NVIDIA are situated at a healthy $262.28 and experts predict further hikes in stocks in near future.

The consensus for its full year earnings have increased by 16.17% over the past quarter of 2018. The company has gained 30.33% comparatively to last year at this stage while the rest of the market stays at an average of 5.70%. With this, it sounds astoundingly profound that NVIDIA’s stock is outpacing its peers in the computer and technology this year.

AMD which competes with NVIDIA in this segment considerably places its prices lower than NIVIDIA offering similar performances. This is especially key factor in the low range market where price is the key factor. But NVIDIA’s high end processors have time and again outperformed that of AMD and thus holds a considerable amount of lead by far dominating the market share at 66% despite AMD gains.

NVIDIA although has enjoyed the compliments from gaming community, it has still expanded itself in more areas such as self- driving cars, the internet of things and data centres which looks to be blooming for the company. The company over the past year has garnered the cash flow of more than $3.00 billion but its spending continues to outpace the cash flow with its debts at an outstanding $2.00 billion.

The company is expected to address its total annual income at $50 billion in the coming years with the current annual income being $9.71 billion as of April, 2018. The financial analysts have offered a strategic NVIDIA stock price target base which states a median of $275 with a high of $340 and a low of $120 in the next 12 months for the stocks. The median estimate is 4.85% more than the current price. Experts also recommend NVIDIA as one the key stocks to invest in and bid on. The company has a market cap of $155 billion and is steadily improving its share and has an employee staff of more than 11k currently.

MU Stock Price Target:

MU or Micron Technology is primarily an American company based in Idaho which engages in semiconductor memory and storage technologies. It operates in various facets in networking business unit storage business unit and mobile business unit along with embedded business unit. It basically manufactures solid state drives, flash memories innumerable gadgets and services such as phone, laptops, tabs and also cloud servicing, servers, along with automotive industries. The market cap of the company sits at $61.5 billion with an employee staff of more than 34k. Along with this mutual fund shareholders contribute to majority of shares and followed by other institutions and individual shareholders. The MU stock price target sits at $61.39 currently which is more than Intel and its other competitors and also hold strong lead and is expected to further enhance their stock prices with its high demand in mobile and automotive industry reaching new highs.

The analyst day held on 21st May has brought a lot of good news for the investors as the company plans to return at least 50% of free cash flow to its shareholders till 2019 in the $10 billion repurchase. In the last quarter, the company has fuelled in lot of revenue and its annual revenue is expected to be in the range of $7.70 billion – $7.80 billion in contrast to early prediction of $7.20- $ 7.60 billion. This also translates to increase in the income per share from $3.12 to $3.16 which is an increment by more than 10%. The CEO of the company has stated that it will transform every other industry and drive secular demand for storage and memory devices claiming that MU is exceptionally well placed and promises to capitalize and deliver strong business and robust cash flow. The average MU stock price target for its stocks as per CNBC is $76.79 which is a whopping 30% more than its present price. The panel of analysts have placed the estimate for the next 12 months stating a high of $115 and a low of $42 and also it has a strong recommendation of buy from majority of analysts and have remained mostly steady since July last year. The next reporting date for the company is scheduled to be held on June 20 and considering its rapid spike in growth, it is expected to fare much better than its other competitors in the market. The company also looks forward to venture in electric cars memory functions and other projects.

DRYS Stock Price Target:

DryShips or DRYS founded in 2004 is a dry bulk shipping company based in Athens, Greece as a Marshall Island Corporation. It is a diversified ocean cargo operator and owner of vessels. It hasn’t made its share and other data totally public and released an unaudited financial and operating results for quarter end on March 31, 2018. According to estimates the DRYS stock price target are placed at $4.17 which is a hike of 1.46% from its last calculation.

The company roughly has a net income of $0.8 million which equals to $0.01 diluted or basic income per share. The company has also witnessed a subsequent rise in price of shares over the last 3 months and gathered a lot of volume with a slight dip in between but recovering and increasing the shares. The market cap of the company is about $421.5 million and experts predict it to increase in the upcoming quarters by substantial margins. The company has currently about 101,458,263 number of outstanding common stock and it may further repurchase another $50 million of stock until February, 2019.

The company has now grabbed its hands on the gas carrier market by purchasing a huge carrier vessel courtesy reverse stock splits and issuance of additional stock in 2016 and 2017, it refinanced its debts to expand its cargo. The company also sold some of its large vessels to acquire new and advanced generation with multi-functional cargo carrying units and entered a finance lease agreement with a major Chinese company. The company agreed upon to a cash dividend of an aggregate of DRYS stock price target of $2.5 million to be distributed among the common shareholders at the base of 2.5 cents per share. The company also has reported $12.9 million adjusted EBITDA for the first quarter of 2018. The company operates a fleet of 35 bulk vessels as of May, 2018.

AMAT Stock Price Target:

A giant in the field of equipment supply, services and software to the manufacturers is an American corporation, Applied Materials or AMAT. It was founded in the year 1967 and since has been serving worldwide companies with manufacturing equipment’s and other software tools. They offer display and adjacent material making equipment’s for laptop, smartphones and tab screen manufacturing. It’s headquarter is based in Santa Clara, California. The net market cap of the company stands at a substantial $58.18 billion.

The current AMAT stock price target value of the company is $49.15 and has seen a steady rise over the past month and is expected to further increase in coming months. Also it is believed to be extremely safe to invest in Applied Materials which deals in Semiconductor Equipment – Water Fabrication as it is booming and analysts are suggesting that it is becoming more of a bullish on firm’s long term and short term prospects. In fact, it is evident in the current quarter earnings per share which has risen from $1.13 to $1.16 and the current year estimates have risen from $4.41 to $4.59 and is a favourable signal. The company has also witnessed a lot of estimate revisions off late suggesting it could be a very interesting pick for investors who seek a potential name in this industry segment.

The company has an employee staff of about 18.4k with each year a significant amount of increase in the number of employees. The median target for the Applied Materials stock target is set at $68.00 with a high of $145.00 and a low of $49.00 for the next 12 months. The median estimate represents a 36.85% increase in the stock value from the currently measured $49.15. The company ranks in the top bracket of the Zacks industry segment rating in Semiconductor- Water Fabrication Industry. There is a strong consensus among the analyst panels to recommend to buy stocks from Applied Materials for profitable returns and a continuous upward scale journey. The company has seen a tremendous growth in applied global services along with transforming the sectors of ion transplant and rapidly developing new efficient techniques which are resulting in meeting the increasing demand.

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