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Space Development Agency plans to ascertain the potential of the proposal resubmitted for developing tracker satellites

Space Development Agency has requested the companies that participated in the agency’s satellite contract selection to return their reevaluation proposals after the companies made a public outcry over baisness to select the appropriate proposals. SpaceX and L3Harris successfully outshined the other companies to secure contracts for developing missile-tracking satellites in this competition. Airbus and Raytheon filed their protests with the Government Accountability Office disagreeing with Space Development Agency over selecting the proposals by SpaceX and L3Harris to deliver on these contracts. However, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) turned down their cases. The Space Development Agency decided to give these companies the benefit of the doubt by requesting the bidders to submit their proposals for further analysis. 

Raytheon took advantage of this process to file two more cases against the agency to justify that the resolution was because the agency realized it had erred. Raytheon refused to give further details concerning the two cases. Nevertheless, GAO again turned down one case this week. The spokesperson of the Space Development Agency, Jennifer Elzea, stated that the agency was extra-careful with the selection process to ensure that only the companies with vast and relevant technology for this procedure feature in the contracts. She added that the agency was implementing the corrective action to prove that it was not biased in its selection process. 

Two months ago, the Space Development Agency penned a $149 million contract with SpaceX and a $193.5 million deal with L3Harris. These contracts required the two companies to develop four satellites for identifying and pursuing hypersonic missiles. The eight satellites form what the agency called the Tracking Layer Tranche 0. Elzea further stated that the agency notified the bidding companies whose proposals were within the outlined specifications. She added that the agency is sure that reevaluation will reveal its sincerity and transparency in awarding the contracts to qualified companies.

Meanwhile, the agency commanded L3Harris and SpaceX to halt any operations on this program until their selection was justified after a thorough analysis of the resubmitted proposals. The Space Development Agency anticipates this program’s initiation in the next two years after hopefully resolving the problem it created. Elzea stated that the agency is still maintaining the program as a national defense space project to allow the bidders to exercise their judicial rights as stipulated in the Federal Acquisition Regulation. The agency executives are hopeful that these squabbles’ successful resolution can return the agency to its reputable position.

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