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France is testing its space war response in space through a satellite war game that it invented

France has decided to test its space systems through a satellite war game. The government stated that they plan to simulate an attack on their satellites to determine their level of preparedness if such an outcome were to determine the space settlement. Reliable sources have revealed that President Emmanuel Macron will be watching the military chiefs’ rollout the game with a consecutive four-day play where an unknown space satellite launches an attack on a country allied to France. The problem here is that this nation is trying to eliminate a French communications satellite to prevent it from sending information to the French control center for support.

Other countries that are witnessing and involved in the AsterX space war game at France’s national space agency CNES in Toulouse include Italy, Germany, and the United States. This event is the first in years where Europe is proving its prowess again in space operations after about a decade where the US was partially inactive. Additionally, the game allows the engineers to simulate and modify the satellites’ flight path, interfering with transmission systems for the enemy satellites, deploying backup satellites to adjust breakdowns in the system, and observing the transfer of intel to other satellites. Macron’s office stated that the game might be a simulation and demonstrate something that the hostile satellites might do when faced with brutal force or equal vigilance.

The French government started by accusing Russia of having an intelligence-collection satellite called Olymp-K, which others name Luch. The country added that Russia deployed this satellite in space near the French-Italian military satellite Athena-Fidus. This satellite was developed to serve the Defence system of the country, according to Minister Florence Parly. Therefore, the country considered this behavior intolerable and has decided to go cold on its war with this Russian utility. In 2020, the United States also came up with similar allegations concerning Russia.

The country stated that Russia has been carrying out non-destructive anti-satellite weapons trials in space. On the other hand, Macron’s office explained that they had felt that Russia was conducting similar activities in space, although they couldn’t give more details to avoid going to war and diplomatic problems. Macron first-chaired a meeting of the space command which was developed to oversee the France military strategy in space before the gaming could start. The President’s office added that the country’s space entities are preparing in case they detect danger or their allies request help.

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