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A satellite operator called Geely obtains a license and will be initiating production later on this year

Geely seems to have a diversity in its investment, with the company cashing in blockchain technology and satellite development. The primary purpose for the company was car dealership before it realized the potential in these other operations. The company’s Taizhou facility, which operates in technology, received a license to develop commercial satellites for its operations. These satellites will facilitate vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) details to ensure independent self-driving of cars. The National Development and Reform Commission of China approved this program after verifying its details and planned operations. The company intends on starting production in October in its facility in Taizhou in Zhejiang province. This facility is anticipated to manufacture more than 500 satellites per year.

Geely explained that this utility is the first with this unique technology in the country. The facility will be imitating the BMA and CMA portfolios in production to integrate the technology into the cars. The executives stated that they would be integrating mass production and experimentation on the new satellites. Other operations that will be ongoing include aerospace manufacturing, satellite research and development, vital component development, and cloud computing on the data portfolio. Geely stated that this chance would enable it to expand its R&D section, launch and marketing services, manufacturing, and design for its satellite development unit. The company will be unveiling the first satellites before July of this year.

The chief executive of Geely Technology Group, Xu Zhihao, expounded that satellite manufacturing is vital in the prosperity of the supply chain for satellites. He added that the Taizhou utility is essential in expanding the industry, minimizing production cycles for the small satellites, advancing satellite technology, and improving other sectors. April last year witnessed Geespace, a branch of Geely Technology Group, manufacture the initial two satellites, which were transferred to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China for deployment into the low-Earth orbit. The company is trying to develop a reputation for its satellites to demonstrate high precision, accurate zoning operations, and the Omnicloud artificial intelligence cloud platform’s fusion into its activities.

Geely may be the leading company in the China automotive market, although it is withholding its innovation for particular requirements. The company’s branch in Hangzhou is already making cutting-edge technology contracts with mega automotive and technology companies like Baidu of Tencent and Foxconn. Another crucial agreement involves the blockchain company called Concordium, which the company intends to use to explore this sector. All these activities and deals will place the company in the limelight attracting more investment.

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