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The definition and explanation of satellite LPWAN

Satellite LPWAN is an acronym low-powered connectivity option for IoT and other devices. Satellite LPWAN comprises the direct link between smart devices and the telecommunications utility involved. It explains the nature of satellite networks which usually run as constellations. IN the LPWAN, numerous small satellites in the low-Earth orbit make up a single constellation. In standard terms, an LPWAN constellation entails few affordable satellites whose deployment and operational costs are low.

One of the strengths of satellite LPWAN is coverage. This trend is visible in the linking of satellites for communication purposes in the entire globe. Provided that the antennas linked to the satellites are in an open space from the clouds’ view-point, then the connection is adequate for communication. This concept enables the detailing of data from remote regions where other means of communication can’t penetrate. On the other hand, satellite LPWAN has its weaknesses: the primary one is the high upfront cost of setting up a satellite network. A perfect example is Globalstar satellite telecommunications company which incurred $1.2 billion in deploying and activating its satellites into the low-Earth orbit over 14 years ago. This constellation connected 48 devices, and experts stated that the previous costs might have significantly dropped.

Apart from high upfront costs, the new generation of satellites offers comprehensive coverage compared to the previous generation, which was also slow. Although there are more than 200000 telecommunications towers in the US, there are still areas that remain inaccessible, forcing such moves to upgrade the network speed. Companies have had to identify areas where there are few towers to develop them and open them for economic development. The upload and download speed have increased considerably with satellite LPWAN to connect various cellular devices on Earth. The planet-wide coverage ensures that companies can monitor their activities and devices as they conduct multiple processes. For example, they can observe their ships meandering through the oceans or locate their utilities and areas where they need to develop new ones.

Satellites are the ideal technology for meeting most of the tracking activities and communications that have characterized this century. Owners of IoT devices can also enjoy internet connectivity and send data to other people with similar devices. Additionally, the data enters the system and remains there for retrieval in case the owners of communicating devices want to use it in other operations as evidence. These services’ low cost makes it admirable by diverse classes of customers ranging from military agencies to telephone users. In conclusion, satellite LPWAN offers an ideal coverage network, although costs may be high for the telecommunications providers.

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