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Satellite Live Broadcasting Network to be Established for Pelagic Fishing

Pingtan Marine Enterprise announced the signing of a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with World Telecom Satellite Technology Limited (WOTELSAT), which is a leading private satellite communication operator in China, and Wuhan Incar Technology Limited (INCAR), a company that deals with the Internet of Things to come up with satellite live broadcasting network to be used in pelagic fishing. Pingtan, which is Chinese based fishing company, made the announcement today.

Wotelsat, which is a local satellite communication company based in China, deals with research in satellite communication technology and network operation, production of the pieces of equipment, and offers system solutions. Pingtan is not the only company that Wotelsat has had a contract with, but it has agreements with other firms like China Unicom. Incar, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Soling Industrial Co. Ltd., is researching and producing Internet of Vehicles (IOV) and IoT in China.

The main agenda for this cooperation is to work together in coming up with a new generation of high-speed platform for information, PME-Live, to be used in maritime fishing vessels plying the Wotelsat’s Dragon X universal satellite broadband network and China Unicom’s 5G communiqué technology to come up with an aquatic merchandise invention, supply and marketing tracking management platform, PME-Track.

Satellite +5G incorporated technology for communicating will offer technical sustenance to the PME-Live to establish direct contact frequency between pelagic fishing ships and the large number of consumers in urban areas thousands of miles from the sea. The crew for the Company will also enjoy entertainment and leisure services provided through PME-live to help them relax and release stress from staying in the sea for long periods, which will help increase efficiency. PME track, a tracking management platform, will incorporate blockchain technology to allow for transparency and assurance of quality by the company to its clients. Preparatory work and test piloting are expected to be rolled out soon and be carried out jointly by the three companies.

According to a statement released by the Chairman and CEO of Pingtan, Mr. Xinrong Zhuo, there has been, in the recent years, the development and application of the Direct to Customer channel in various sectors due to the increased use of the 5G communication technology and mobile Internet. With the use of Internet Plus, Pingtan and other traditional fish companies will be able to make improvements in their management internally via IT. Also, it will provide ways and means for new market creation and hence more profits.

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