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General Atomics buys Tiger Innovations

General Atomics revealed the February 1 purchase of the Tiger Innovations, a small company focusing mainly on the satellite systems as well as related software and hardware, in Herndon, Virginia. As per a February 1 press release, General Atomics aims to combine Tiger Innovations with their General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) community to “enhance GA-EMS’ collection of sophisticated space systems as well as technologies. In a quote, Scott Forney, GA-EMS President, said, “Acquisition of Tiger Innovations improves our space systems capacities.” GA-EMS is ready to draw on the experience of Tiger Innovations in minimizing the scale, weight, and power of United States government customers with space systems, Forney said.

Furthermore, the acquisition allows Colorado-centered GA-EMS to extend its infrastructure for the production of the coast-to-coast space platforms, “increasing our capacity to achieve sophisticated technology on orbit as well as on-time of any size,” Forney stated. Established in 1997, Tiger Innovations constructs a wide range of satellites, ground stations, the satellite systems, hardware as well as software, including several orbital platforms, Timothy Cox, who serves as the director in charge of GA-EMS space control services, told the SpaceNews via email.

In 2019, Tiger Innovations received the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s phase two Small Business Innovation Research deal for a spacecraft detection system that integrates satellite beacons with the on-the-ground automated data collection as well as the space situational intelligence round-the-clock. In recent times, General Atomics has been able to make several acquisitions. In the year 2020, Guidestar Optical Systems, which is a space as well as defense firm with optical technology expertise located in Longmont, Colorado, as well as Neva Ridge Technologies, which is a synthetic aperture radar specialist from Boulder, Colorado, was purchased by the San Diego-based company.

In the year 2016, Miltec of Huntsville, Alabama, as well as the United States branch of Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, located in the United Kingdom in Englewood, Colorado, were both acquired by General Atomics. General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) offers flexible on-shore manufacturing facilities for the manufacture, assembly, testing as well as finishing of advanced aerospace and defense, automotive, energy and commercial products.

To reach tight tolerance levels, they machine, assemble, as well as test parts and evaluate every other product against both the sector’s highest quality, enforcement, and safety standards. Big robots, a broad variety of the electric motor winding facilities, vacuum pressure resin impregnation reservoirs, a full range of the computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining as well as milling equipment, and the multi-megawatt capability analysis equipment are included in the state-of-the-art production equipment capability.

To address complex circuitry, precision metal parts as well as turnkey assemblies, the GA-EMS provides a breadth of design and production experience. Their manufacturing range includes expertise in permanent magnet motors as well as generators, energy conversion, high voltage capacitors, and distribution systems for high voltage power. They also develop, produce and test specific launch as well as recovery systems for electromagnetic railguns and aircraft, the electrostatic oil separators, as well as monitoring systems for radiation.

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