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The Upcoming “Great Power” Struggle between the United States and China is Space

The U.S. and China have been on it for decades fighting for the global superpower slot. The contest between the two nations is expected to go a notch higher, with both nations making efforts to overpower each other in space exploration and other activities carried out in space. China initiated its antisatellite arms a decade and a half ago and now possesses the power to threaten orbital fleets that assume the United States Military its technological advantage.

China boasts of state of the art weapons at its bases with the capability to fire warheads that can bring down satellites and fire laser beams that can blind various delicate sensors. China also boasts of cyber-attacks that are said to be able to isolate the pentagon cutting its contact with the satellite fleets which are used to monitor the movement of enemy combatants, allow communication among troops and be responsible for information for targeting using smart weapons.

With Joe Biden being sworn as the POTUS, his administration is faced with handling the threat posed by China to the U.S. military in space and other terrestrial forces. The new administration has not made any move to indicate its plan in this field especially given its predecessor’s stance of a space force, which is a new military division. Mr. Trump had his initiative, which resulted from the administrations’ choices before him (Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama), to tackle an inspired China which was raising a bilateral threat.

According to Greg Grant, a Pentagon official during the Obama administration, the country has realized that its space systems are susceptible each day. Greg further stated that the Biden administration would be required to invest more funding into space defense and find solutions to these threats. The administration’s main objective will be to create an American manifestation in orbit, one so robust that it would be able to give room for the military to manifest its power around the globe no matter the magnitude of the attack. The government would be putting in place measures that deter Beijing from making the first strike.

According to Lloyd J. Austin, the new administration’s secretary of defense, he swore to keep a sharp focus on honing the country’s competitive edge against China’s powerful military. Mr. Lloyd further retaliated the need for America to make more significant steps in building space-based platforms while referring to space as a war-fighting domain.

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