SahBabii – The Latest Soundcloud Rapper Making Waves

SahbabiiSoundcloud is bringing otherwise unknown rappers to the forefront of our playlists daily, with names like Playboi Carti and Nav springing to mind. Today a track titled “Young Thug – One Way” flooded our subscription timeline and immediately we had to listen. After listening to the entire track it came clear that Young Thug had changed his style slightly, until the comment section urged listeners that it wasn’t in fact Young Thug.. What we are saying is that he sounds slightly like Young Thug.

New Artist – Sahbabii

After surfing over hundreds of comments the name ‘Sahbabii‘ came up, with a message informing people that the song was by a new Soundcloud rapper with that name. So curiosity took over and off to Soundcloud I went with a pre-composed thought of what the rapper would have to offer. Instead of hearing a grimy/low production beat as which hip-hop fans are now accustom to hearing with some underground artists, an upbeat trap instrumental began to play.

After listening to 8 SahBabii tracks each one has a unique vibe that rarely gets expressed with small-scale artists. Impressed to say the least, although the tracks could definitely do with some new producers or features. Fans have said that “it is refreshing to hear such a different sound”.

As of now there is not much information about the Atlanta rapper, although you can check his Soundcloud tracks below. His mixtape ‘SANDAS’ released late last year with two previous mixtapes coming before.