Ripple XRP News & Where To Buy Ripple Tokens

In 2018, Ripple has been one of the most traded coins on the market. As of now, it is one of the fastest growing digital assets and can get traded with ease. We look at the latest Ripple XRP news and latest updates. Ripple was launched in the first half of 2017 at less then a cent. Today the price of Ripple is $0.54.

The last few months have been rocky for the coin, today has been one of the worst days for the coin.

Many reputable financial analysts have predicted a long a fruitful life for Ripple, which can result in huge revenue for people who can trade the token. Ripple is constantly using new technologies to advance the token, ensuring it stays a stable investment. Where most tokens rest, Ripple progresses and innovates.

Over the last year, XRP price has increased 3800%..

Where To Buy Ripple

Storing The Token

First, you need to get a suitable wallet for Ripple which will hold your tokens and keep them safe from hackers.

Wallet services such as CoinPayments and physical wallets are perfect places to store your cryptocurrency. Hardware wallets are more secure than online wallets but if you forget your key then you will lose the tokens you have stored.

Buy Ripple Coin From An Exchange

where to buy ripple
where to buy ripple

There are a few Ripple exchanges, lots of them are overused and therefore are slow and unreliable. Many full-time crypto traders use BITSANE.

The only problem with BITSANE is that USA residents cannot purchase Ripple (XRP) with their credit card. So it’s quite the opposite to coinbase. This means that you will have to trade your current cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to Ripple. This means that you will have to purchase crypto with Coinbase and exchange it with BITSANE. XRP transactions are immediate unlike Bitcoin exchanges which take around 60 minutes to deposit.


Binance is a fairly new exchange in comparison to the other exchanges, it opened its doors in 2017. The exchange boasts low transaction fees at (.05%) and it also has great security measures. You can exchange your current cryptocurrencies for Ripple on their dashboard. It must be purchased with Bitcoin or Ethereum like BITSANE.


You can use Changelly to purchase Ripple like the other exchanges, like the others you will need to trade Bitcoin for it. Changelly doesn’t store your tokens, so you need a wallet too. With Ripple it’s suggested you have 20 tokens in your account to avoid slow server time due to unused addresses.


On BitStamp you can trade using these currencies:


To purchase Ripple through BitStamp, you first must authenticate your profile. Now, click “deposit” and move funds from your credit/debit card to your BitStamp account and you are now ready to purchase Ripple.


This is one of the most reputable crypto exchanges. Kraken allows you to buy Ripple with confidence knowing your funds are safe.

Once you create an account, you can begin buying XRP immediately once you deposit your funds.

You cannot purchase Ripple directly using Kraken, you must first buy XBT. Once you purchase your XBT by trading it for XRP. Enter your order for XRP tokens and wait for your transaction to occur (which should be immediate).


Ripple XRP news in this week from China, reports state that Ripple is looking to expand it services across the Asia Pacific region this year.

Regulators, Banks and payment providers in China are looking to use use Ripple’s xCurrent payments settlement solution to help cross-border settlements. Ripple already has clients across Asia Pacific region, such as Japan, India and Thailand.

China is much more strict on cryptocurrency regulations and they have recently banned cryptocurrency activity. After closing the domestic trading of cryptocurrency, China are looking to stop people explooting the current loopholes.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Ripple is working with banks and offers a decentralised payment solution which is fast and efficient. Ripple is built for enterprise, allowing it to be integrated into large scale banking systems.

This scalability of Ripple could possibly mean that the price of the token will increase even more. Unless more countries ban Ripple, then its price may plummet, rendering the token worthless.

More Ripple XRP news from the Federal Reserve. With  U.S interest rates increasing, the price of assets are expected to decline. Similar to the 2000 stocks which historically plummeted.

The price of Ripple is predicted to increase to reach over $7USD by the end of 2018. The trading volume of XRP is much less than BTC and LTC. This year the trading volume of XRP is expected to increase.

Overall, Ripple’s cryptocurrency seems to be a stable long-term investment. More big investors are help grow awareness for the token and its progress its technology.