Programs And Salary For lawyers In The USA & UK

A guide to studying law in the UK.

Law programs in the UK can be quiet confusing, therefore this article will provide all the information that can help you choose the right course for you. Law courses at UK & USA universities provide a through and key understanding of all the legal practices and principles. Although choosing the right programs can be quite difficult. Therefore, this article will lessen the difficulty in choosing the program. Here find a number of law courses and what exactly they mean.

Top Five UK Law Courses

The top five common UK and USA law courses are LLB, GDL, LLM, LPC, and BPTC. You need to understand all in order to choose the one that best suits your requirements. LLB is an undergraduate degree course that you will pursue in any of the universities in the United Kingdom. The LLM is a masters degree where you specialize in a particular section of law.

The majority of universities teach students the legal analysis, practicing arguing, negotiation and acquiring knowledge in the field of mooting. Mock courtrooms will assist them in amplifying the learning process. It provides a real word setting which helps them to gain a real life like experience. Below are what the common law programs mean.

LLB is the Bachelor of Laws, where on successful completion gets an undergraduate qualifying law degree. This will allow practicing students as a solicitor or barrister. LLM is the Master of Laws, where students specials in particular field of law. The course is a postgraduate course that lasts for a year. The GDL is a postgraduate course for those who did not study law degree as undergraduate. The course packs the complete LLB course into one year.

Another common law program that most students undertake is the LPC. Students take the course before starting their professional career. It is a yearlong course that many take before qualifying as a solicitor in England. BPTC is a professional bar training course that provides vocational qualification you will require before commencing pupillage. It is very difficult to get on the course and even tough to get a pupillage. The QLTS program is for students who already have a law degree from a different country. If you have a law degree from another country and wish to practice in the UK, you will need to be part of the Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme.

Law programs not only offer career options in the legal profession but also in other fields such as journalism, criminology and many other. If you are unable to pursue a law degree due to location issues then you can opt for distance learning courses. You do not have to attend university full-time or part-time to get a legal qualification. Many United Kingdom universities offer distance learning programs for various law courses.

The above are common law programs in the UK for students who wish to pursue law. Choosing the right course that meets your requirement is vital. Hence, choose the one where you wish to see yourself for the next few years.

Lawyer Salary

High salaries attract most people to law, although the payment model for most lawyers in the UK is more complex than you might think. Law salaries are normally dependent on the type of law and the work you do. The firm/organisation you represent and country of work are also variables when discussing your salary as a lawyer.

Research your area of law as thoroughly as possible and get as much accurate information about the sector of law you intend to work in. Be realistic about your expectations of salary as you probably will be earning somewhere between $50,000USD and $300,000 per annum.

As law progresses, the salaries available will also change. What once was a bustling niche may become stagnant as demand for certain types of law decrease. Law, like most jobs is also effected by outside pressures. The 2008-2009 recession was a damaging factor to the Law industry in terms of salary.

Various law firms had to lower salaries and some even made redundancies to staff in order to ensure the firms survival.

Trainee Solicitor Salaries

September 2011 saw the removal of minimum salaries for trainee lawyers. The minimum salary of £18,590 was removed and the minimum law for trainee solicitors is now gone.

The only obligation a law firm has is to pay the trainee solicitor minimum wage. More reputable firms pay trainees a competitive wage of around £25,000 up to £40,000. Before you reach out to law firms and organise interviews, check the salaries on offer and ensure they align with your expected salary.

If you do not feel comfortable asking about salary in the interview it may be wise to ask the firms Human resources staff whilst in the application process. If the firm is not cooperative when indicating salaries then you may have better luck phoning the firm or asking an ‘estimate’.

Corporate Lawyer Salary

A qualified corporate lawyer can earn earn from £58,000 to £65,000. Larger firms can be paid salaries of above £85,000. Lawyers In The UK & USA will get paid an even higher salary of in excess of £100,000.

Experienced lawyers (senior) can earn between £60,000 and £90,000. Better yet, partner level is the highest position within the law firm (in terms of salary).

Partners can expect to bring home £80,000 to £100,000 each year. Large firms will give partners salaries in excess of seven figures and American firms may even pay higher to senior partners.

Immigration Lawyer Salary

The salary that an immigration lawyer can earn is depending on what area they practise. Along with location and firm size. Annual incomes vary from $50,000 to $279,500. This is a huge spread and shows the difference in pay from junior lawyers to senior lawyers with more experience.

Some immigration attorneys work for non-profit companies and in this case, salaries are around 50% of that at a city firm. This means they they can earn as low as $25,000USD.

In the world of law, immigration attorneys are the lowest earners on average.

Patent Lawyer Salary

The median patent attorney in the United States is $237,000. The range of patent lawyer salaries ranges from $199,512 to $273,827 but as will all types of law. The salary is widely dependent on location and firm size.

The job of a patent lawyer involves organising client patent issues such as infringement.

Patent lawyers and intellectual lawyer salary rates are the same.

Environmental Lawyer Salary

Environmental lawyers can expect to earn around $113,530 each year. This averages to $54 per hour.

An environmental lawyer works by representing clients in legal issues relating to clean technology, water, climate change law and public land law. More niche cases may involve environmental rights law etc. Environmental law is one of the most complex specialties within the law world and to be successful in environmental law you must be adaptable to many different types of cases.

Tax Lawyer Salary

On average, tax attorneys in the United states can expect to earn around $99,000 per annum. To earn over $100,000  you will need around 5-10 years of experience. Medical benefits are awarded to most tax lawyers by their firm and most tax lawyers report high level job satisfaction.

The range in pay for a tax lawyer is from $57,000 to $228,000.

Criminal Lawyer Salary

Criminal lawyers defend and even prosecute people who have been charged with crimes by their respected government. Criminal law is comparable to civil law, where one person sues another. Most criminal lawyers and defence attorneys work for the government and will earn a government salary.

Prosecutors argue the case in favour of the state, working antagonistically to criminal defendants. The average prosecuting attorney can take around $51,000 annually. Criminal prosecutors with over 5 years experience can earn around $63,000. Prosecutors with 11-15 years experience earn a median salary of $80,000.

Public defenders earn around the same as a prosecutor.

Substantive criminal law is the part of law that governs how members of society are to behave. This is the over-looming term for the rights and responsibilities in criminal/civil law.

International Lawyer Salary

International law attorneys are specialised in cases involving agreements between multiple different countries. If you are someone who enjoys communicating and are strong at debating cases then this side of law may be for you. International lawyers can earn a starting salary of over $68,000 per year and depending on experience can earn in excess of $150,000.

For international lawyers, there are always jobs available and there is often a demand for their work. This high demand means that international lawyers can earn great salaries with experience.

Real Estate Lawyer Salary

Real estate attorneys have two main jobs.. To act as a litigator or handle legal aspects of real estate transactions. If a real estate deal doesn’t go to plan then it is a real estate lawyers job to settle the agreement. Fraud cases such as mortgage fraud and zoning laws will take up the majority of a real estate lawyers day-to-day jobsl

The salary of a real estate lawyer is $118,000 on average. Becoming a partner will boost annual earnings. Real estate companies sometimes have an in-house law department which pay similar salaries to dedicated law firms. The Pendas Law firm based in Orlando is known for paying high salaries.

Family Lawyer Salary

Family law is a diverse niche within Law. Family law attorneys can be involved in a range of cases from custody arrangements, divorce and even adoption. Family lawyers will work with clients to come to agreements on common property division. More specialised cases may involve child custody and domestic abuse.

The average annual salary for a family lawyer is $70,800. As with all types of law, this will vary on a firm to firm basis.

Personal Injury Lawyer Salary

Personal injury attorneys will work with clients who claim physical/psychological harm from negligence from a third party. Personal injury lawyers will represent their client in the name of justice and obtain compensation for suffering. The majority of personal injury cases are under the category of tort law.

On average, personal injury lawyers will earn $73,000 per annum. For many personal injury attorneys their salary is dependent on contingency fees. So for every claim they win, the attorney will receive a percentage of the settlement payoff. Lawyers working for non-profit organisations can expect to earn 50% of that of a lawyer at a firm.

Civil Rights Lawyer Salary

Civil rights attorneys will protect civil rights of the public. An example case for a civil rights attorney may involve a client that has been discriminated against due to their race, religion, gender or age. If the client is claiming against law enforcement then this is classed as civil rights law. Lawyers who take on civil rights cases can expect to earn significantly less than lawyers who work in business fields, like business law.

On average, civil rights lawyers can earn a salary starting from $45,000 and can earn as much as $200,000.

Highest Paid Lawyers

The highest paid lawyer in the world is Richard Scruggs, with a net worth of $1.7 billion USD he is dubbed “Kind of Torts”. He is a specialist in tobacco law and has earned his name through years of successful cases. This involves settling agreement involving new tobacco legislation.

The highest paying legal jobs is actually a law school professor. The average American law teacher has a salary ranging from $113,000 to $242,000 a year. Some public law school teachers can earn salaries over $300,000. Deans at law schools earn a maximum of $450,000 per annum.