Introducing – “Palace skateboards”

Palace Skateboards‘ are at the apex of street culture in 2015 and its easy to see why. But for you out there who don’t know who ‘Palace’ are then keep reading…

Its easy to be a follower in todays society but to create something original is a huge feat and an accolade the ‘Palace‘ has earned themselves. ‘Lev Tanju‘ the man behind Palace Skateboards has occupied the huge empty space in London, in what was, before a dry and turgid skate scene. The idea was to bring something fresh and unique to the city of London.

Earlier this year Palace teamed up with Adidas to create a FW/15 collection based on German olympic uniforms it is easy to see that they are making corporate moves. However, they remain their underground integrity by producing each garment in a limited quantity and keeping a premium level of quality to the table. Their second collaborative collection featured once again sporting garments with a skateboarding influence. They set an example how powerful brands like Palace and Adidas Originals can collide and celebrate the incredible history of a sportswear giant, while also taking full advantage of their shared knowledge and expertise, and unrestrainedly push past the boundaries and deliver a line that is truly an original. 

Later this year ‘Palace’ are set to launch their ‘LA POPUP STORE‘ where they will have some of their most popular pieces for sale. Be sure to stay tuned to receive more news about their latest venture.

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