MovieRulz Alternative Sites To Watch Movies Online


Movierulz is one of the most popular sites to watch foreign movies, although like CouchTuner it is not always looked at as a good site in the eyes of your ISP. To avoid any fines by going on pirated sites we have a list of sites like MovieRulz where you can watch your favourite movies.

Why Not MovieRulz?

Some sites offering brand new movies are often illegal due to them pirating movies and releasing them without the proper licensing. European law has been passed meaning that streaming pirated movies and tv shows is illegal.

Here’s what a government representative said “This legislation will help build a more connected and stronger economy. The Act will enable major improvements in broadband rollout, better support for consumers, better protection for children on the Internet, and further transformation of government services.”

Sites like MovieRulz are frowned upon by ISP and may be banned in your area.


Youtube boasts a collection of movies ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to smaller independent movies. Youtube also provides a rent and buy service where you can watch newer films, but at a higher price. International films are popular on YouTube and it be watched on most devices, this includes smart TV’s.


It seems like everyone has access to Netflix these days. Despite it costing more money that YouTube, Netflix is arguably the best movie streaming site. There are around 10,000 movies on the streaming service, including hundreds of Bollywood movies. There is unlimited streaming on Netflix and supports most devices. Netflix also offers a free trial for anyone who is on the edge of purchasing an account.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has a monthly fee of £7.99 and has all the benefits of Prime video. This also comes with one day delivery for your parcels and free music streaming. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video offers a wide selection of movies and is a great alternatives to MovieRulz.


This website picks new movies every few days and then streams them from their site. The first month of using their site is free but after that you pay £4.99 monthly. They have films like Jurassic Park and Les Miserables.


Hulu has been around for years, accumulating a huge selection of movies you love. Although it isn’t easy to navigate the interface that Hulu has. But it may still be worth checking it out if the other services don’t have what you are looking for.


For a free streaming site, don’t overlook Crackle. It has a few great films but the rest are relatively unknown. So don’t expect any well-known Hollywood/Bollywood movies.

There over 50 Tv series on crackle and 100 movie titles ranging from 1960 to 2018 movies. The quality is good but not the same high definition you are probably used to if you use Netflix or Hulu. There are also lot’s of ads but they are quality checked so you won’t get any explicit cartoon ads like on some sites.


MovieRulz | iTunes

If you are paying for a movie, you can either buy it or rent it. On iTunes you can buy and rent the latest movies in their highest quality. The only downside is the price, the movies are usually quite expensive if you buy them from iTunes.


Vudu is a lot like iTunes, because you can either buy or rent the movies from their site. Vudu is slightly cheaper than iTunes but it is still quite costly. They offer the latest films and sometimes even early releases. Like any on-demand streaming service, you pay for quality movies.. which comes at a steep cost.


Similar to Crackle, PopcornFlix has free movies which are most of the time unknown. But if you are looking for something to pass the time on, then maybe PopcornFlix has the solution for you. If you need some background noise then look no further!


If you are interested in watching hindi movies online then check out Hotstar. They have a great selection of movies along with live cricket matches and breaking news. They have English movies such as ‘Real Steel 2011’. It is a free service that it legal and has HD quality movies. Hotstar also have movies in Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Hindi and more. It may be the best site to watch hindi movies online.


Your favourite forum site and online community, Reddit, may just hold the answers when it comes to solving your movie issues. Just type “movies” on Reddit and you will be met with a huge collection of free movies. Reddit is a reputable source and won’t be giving you malware anytime soon.

The Dangers Of Using Infected Movie Sites

Although, for people casually streaming movies then it is extremely unlikely you would get prosecuted due to the volume of people doing it. If you are trying to watch movierulz in telugu then avoid sites with pop-ups because this may be malware.

Sites like CouchTuner also fall under this category of site. Some users have also seen trojans infect their computer after visiting illegal film sites. This happens because people hijack the “free movie sites” and obtain visitors information. To make sure your computer isn’t at risk of being infected, have malware blocker enabled.