Most Promising Stocks Of 2018 (Uber, adidas, Magic Leap)

This year is huge for IPO’s, with Spotify kicking things off on the main stage. There will be more IPO opportunities this year with some industry leaders (such as UBER). We also take a look a the most promising stocks of the year (like Adidas).

UBER Stock Price

Uber isn’t a new name to the world. The cab sharing and taxi service provider has become one of the wealthiest companies in the market, thanks to their strategies and innovative ideas. In spite of having heavy competitions in all the countries, Uber is still the number one in the business. Uber allegedly has a stock worth of around 70 million USD. It isn’t an accurate value because, Uber’s stock is not publicly traded. Thus, the value is approximately around the above mentioned worth. Thus, the shares of Uber aren’t publicly available for buying and selling.

Uber is not only into taxi service but also into food delivery (Uber eats) with their headquarters in San Francisco, California. Uber’s shares are expected to be made public in the coming days. It has been alleged that Uber faced a loss of over $800 million in the back end of 2017. But, to the amusement of their fellow rivals, the company never fell short of raising money. Uber faces a lot of challenges in the business field and they were even criticized. But, they never failed to come back on top. Their stock value has never really gone down.

As said by the CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, when the company’s shares are made public, we might get a clear cut picture of the total share owned by the company. But, that value is not out of the picture of what we have estimated. The actual shares will be in and around the approximate estimate. If, Uber’s shares are made public, it might also be the biggest IPO in the history. With the investors are ready to splash their cash, the stock value of Uber is increasing day by day and minute by minute. Uber is of course, an uber-cool idea. Get ready to see the Uber Stock symbol on your screens this year. The other question is “what is UBER stock symbol”?

We Guess the Uber Stock symbol will be ‘UBER‘.

Instagram stock price:

The world has started to live its life in a very small, yet, an effective house called Instagram. The social media is mainly driven by people who are going behind the craze of Instagram. And, it has to be specially mentioned that Instagram has never failed to fulfill the expectations of its users. Instagram, after twitter and Facebook, is the most used social media platform in the globe. Instagram connects the world and makes them live socially in a single hut. The stock value of such a prominent company would be very high in the stock market.

Instagram’s stock values are made to be public in the coming days. Instagram currently has 300 million users and it accounts for 16% of Facebook’s estimated market value. The value of Instagram’s stock is estimated to be somewhere around $35 billion, which is considered to be a humongous amount for a startup. The comparison of Facebook’s stock and Instagram’s stock has been made because, Facebook bought Instagram for whooping amount of $1 billion.

With every day passing by, the value of Instagram is only soaring. With the size of the company is also increasing, the share of Instagram is expected to reach even greater heights. Instagram’s stock price today- Instagram’s stock price today is currently higher than last week’s value. It has been announced that Instagram has come above snapchat, WeChat, tinder and all other social media platforms and stands behind Twitter and Facebook. It is also reported that Instagram’s current stock value will be doubled in the upcoming years.

The main reason behind the stock value rise of Instagram is its users. The users of Instagram are completely happy with the social media giant. The photo sharing app is also expected to overtake Facebook’s market value since, owing to the recent data scandals circling around Facebook. One cannot directly buy shares in Instagram. If you are already owning a share in Facebook, you are in contention to buy a share in Instagram too. Instagram can also be seen as an investment as it could fetch you a big chunk of share in the future. With the value of Instagram is said to be high in the future, you would not be let down if you are planning to be a shareholder. Also, the company is planning to bring in new features to its already existing variety of eye-catching features.

Adidas Stock Price

Adidas is one of the biggest manufacturers of shoes, sportswear and clothing. Adidas AG’s stock value, today, is ADS (ETR) € 198.40 -5.00 (-2.46%). Adidas is a global merchandise and their products can be seen sold in all the countries in the world. Adidas is one of the leading shareholders in the current market of sports goods manufacturers. Founded in 1949 by Adolf Dassler, its headquarters is situated in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Adidas brand value is estimated to be around $19 billion. Adidas was also the official sportswear partner of the Olympics 2012 and UEFA Euro 2012. It has been found out that the sales of Adidas rose 13% in the year 2011.

Adidas, is superior to its competitors in all the aspects. When it comes to shares, Adidas is a sure shot winner. The brand value of Adidas had an unexpected decrement in the year 2014, with the brand value coming down to 5.8 billion USD. But, the firm managed to pull its sock up, and came back with a bang. After that year, they were able to avoid loss and are constantly going up in the Y-axis. If Adidas can keep up the momentum going, they might dethrone Nike from the number one position and start their reign. Adidas is one of the companies that is able to maintain a constant run in the market where, most of the other companies lose track. The company became the sponsor for all kind of sports and top flight teams of various sports. Adidas, when had their downfall, worked tremendously hard and rose back to the position that they had lost. The company had also been criticized in the past for various reason, but came out on top after each and every controversy that came against their side.

Magic leap Stock:

Magic leap is a company that is currently working on making virtual reality much better. They are a US based company with their headquarters in Plantation, Florida, United States. The company was launched in the year 2010. The company share has not been made public yet, so, as far as considered now, you are not in a pole position win a share in Magic leap.

Currently, an AR headset, techno goggles and a head mounted virtual retinal display are in the making. The main idea behind the basic foundation of the company is to match computing with human experience. In the year of 2107, the company was funded with an amount of $1,000,003,050. It also raised a funding amount of $461 million from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The pre-money valuation of Magic leap company is estimated to be around $5.5 billion. It is one of the companies that is growing at a steady rate. Also, the company is bringing in funding from all parts of the world. Magic leap is developing more technologies that are to be used in various fields of gaming and it is also said to be helpful for the soldiers to get trained.

The Magic Leap stock price is expected to increase in the future as the world is completely going to be taken over by Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. Thus, one can expect the share value of the magic leap to be at the higher end for a longer period of time. Since the company is still private, those who wish to be a shareholder have to wait for their turn as the company’s value is not open now. Thus, if the company’s shares are made public, one need not wait or doubt their decision to buy a share.

The complete details about the stock values of some companies, their total worth, stock value of Magic Leap for today and the company’s growth rate have been discussed. The stock values of most of these companies are not yet made public for one to straightaway grab a share. But, they are expected to announce it. If one can buy a share in any one of these companies, when they are sold, they would be millionaires and billionaires. Because, all these companies are elite companies and it would be an impossible imagination to think of any of the companies to be hit with a loss.

Thus, the market is a money driven market where, each and every company enters with an exit plan. The lives of the shareholders will take a massive turn if these companies go on for sale. All the companies are leading groups in their own race and they are expected to become more powerful in the coming days. The stock worth of these companies will be made more accurate when the companies’ shares are made public. But, until then, you have to go with the approximate estimation since, they are almost equal to the original stock value of these companies.

Magic Leap has received even more funding this year from the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. In the form of over $500 million USD. If and when their stock goes public, it would be a shame to miss it. With UBER, their stock market journey hasn’t even begun with an UBER stock symbol not even announced yet.

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