Most Expensive Headphones/ Earbuds and Headset In The World

Headphones, earphones and gaming headsets are progressing in quality, providing the listener with the best experience. The price of high-end headphones/earphones is tremendous when considering how small they are. But the cost of high-end earphones is delegated by the high quality materials that is used to construct them.

Most Expensive Earbuds

Shure KSE1500

Earbuds are portable and usually inexpensive. In-ears have But as the quality of the earbuds increases, the price increases drastically. The most expensive pair of earbuds are the ‘Shure KSE1500 Electrostatic’. They retail for $3000USD. Compared to your average $10 earphones, $3000 is quite the price hike.

They are comfortable so they can be worn for hours and are built to last. The technology behind these audio marvels makes the price point more understand. The KSE1500 boasts electrostatic drivers, this is very rare for earbuds. The principle behind electrostatic drivers is that there is a light diaphragm with a static charge behind two metal grids.

The music signal is sent to the grids, they then vary the polarity – causing the diaphragm to move. This movement is then converted into sound.

Electrostatic technology may seem single but it is complex to integrate it with small devices. This is because of the high voltage required to make the electrostatic diaphragm move. It took eight years for Shure to develop the KSE1500’s.

An advantage that Shure has over other earphones is that the sound is more detailed and accurate than other earphones. The diaphragm is across the entire surface of the earphones so the distortion levels are small.

Most Expensive Headset

Arctis Pro

The most expensive gaming headset is the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless, which retails for $329.99USD. They boast 2.4G wireless bluetooth and lossless audio quality. Constructed from aluminium alloy and steel, this headset is designed for serious gamers.

If you are looking the the highest audio quality when gaming, look no further because the SteelSeries Arctis Pro is it. Although, be prepared to fork out a few hundred dollars because this is the most expensive gaming headset on the market.

Most Expensive Headphones

– Sennheiser Orpheus

Sennheiser are giants in the audio world, with their products having global notoriety thanks to their high quality construction. So it is no surprise that the most expensive headphones come from Sennheiser in the form of the Orpheus.. The Sennheiser Orpheus is priced at $46,000 and is constructed from a marble chassis. This type of Carrara marble is the same type that Michelangelo used to make some of his sculptures. Axel Grell who is the designer of these headphones went to Italy to pick the marble. Remember, money is no object when considering purchasing these headphones.

Sennheiser describes the Orpheus unit as ‘reshaping excellence’ and ‘a monument to sound’. The reason that the marble is used is not only for looks. The mass and purity of the marble is good for dampening, which Sennheiser calls ‘a vault of silence’.

The headphones themselves are made from aluminium and have leather accents with microfibre cloth finish. The cups cover the ear completely and hold your head firmly. They are comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time. There is no standard or guide for what a $46,000 pair of headphones should feel like.. but these seem like it.

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