Microsoft’s Latest Modern Keyboard And Modern Mouse Has A Fingerprint Sensor

Introducing The Modern Mouse & Modern Keyboard By Microsoft, Coming Soon..

Microsoft has recently unveiled plans with their latest Modern Keyboard and Modern Mouse. These hardware utilities are part of the new Windows 10 input range and look similar to the Surface collection. The Modern keyboard from Microsoft uses similar “Chiclet” styled keys that Apple uses for their desktop items. The tech company uses aluminium frames for their keys and claims the construction is “virtually indestructible”, says Microsoft.

They keyboard also boasts some James Bond-like features, with a fingerprint sensor located between the Ctrl and Alt keys. The fingerprint scanner is located in a very inconspicuous place, allowing for secretive usage.

Grey and silver metallic hues give the keyboard and mouse minimalistic aesthetic. Features include wireless usage and also wired-use, using Bluetooth 4.0 functionality. Rechargeable batteries come with the keyboard and mean for  more economic battery usage. Compatibility with Windows 8-10, Windows 10 Phone, MacOS and Android is available.  As long as the device can support Bluetooth 4.0 then the keyboard will work with it. As expected, Windows 10 surface devices and newer generation Microsoft products work with the keyboard and mouse extremely well.

Now onto the Modern Mouse. Visually, it smashes the previous mouse models out of the ball-park with a sleek design. Its smooth and round looks create a modern feeling and makes the mouse more comfortable to use. The metal scroller and shallow-buttons are great finishing touches from Microsoft. As with the keyboard, the mouse makes use of Bluetooth 4.0 and gives “exceptional precision”. Devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 will work with the mouse, which is powered by AAA batteries.

Microsoft have attached a hefty price-tag to the Modern Mouse at $50 USD and the Modern Keyboard at $130 USD. Both are said to be coming soon, which should mean sometime in 2017. As of now, Microsoft has not released a press-statement or release documents. Although, there are product pages and Youtube videos detailing the products.

It is clear that both keyboard and mouse are not for gaming use, but it looks like they would suit bloggers and online writers perfectly due to their comfortability and easy-typing layout.

We have approached Microsoft for information and we will update readers when news becomes available.