Watch Michael Jordan’s Best NBA Plays

When basketball is the topic of a conversation Michael Jordan is the first person which springs into mind. For decades he has captured the essence of the game and is without a doubt the most respected athletes the NBA has seen. Wether you are a Chicago Bulls fan or not, there is rarely an argument who the best play of all time is.. Jordan.

Jordan’s Best Plays

Since 1984, Jordan has been dominating the court, with his sneakers and basketball ability his skill to perform under pressure is uncontested. In total, Jordan put on a spectacular show for 13 seasons, winning 7 rings all together.

The NBA has compiled MJ’s best plays from his playoff days into a 5 minute video (watch above). Each clip shows how Jordan’s reverse layup ability is still untouchable years later. Our favourite clip is at 4:01 when MJ pump-fakes the defence to score.