Mercedes-Benz S Class Coupe Unveiled (With Finance)

Mercedes chop the top off of their classic S-Class.

German car menufacteurer Mercedes-Benz has announced that in upcoming months they will be releasing the new iteration of their classic s-class. At Frankfurt International Motor Show, Mercedes are debuting the new S-class coupe edition. This will be the first time that the s-class has its roof off!

The news of the coupe come only weeks after Mercedes unveil the s-class saloon car which has had a huge facelift. Much like the saloon, the coupe has also had a facelift and boasts new upgrades. Arguably the biggest upgrade to both cars is the 462bhp 4-litre bi-turbo V8 engine, which is S560.

As of now, Mercedes are being secretive about the car’s hybrid capability. Although notable sources are hinting that the engine will be a 48V hybrid capable of electric and petrol comination. Improvements have been made to the cars autonomy which includes self-parking etc.

The S-class coupe has high competition in its field, coming against the BMW 8-series, which is releasing this year. Not forgetting the brand-new Bentley Continental GT which is expected to include new features. Despite its competition, the S-class coupe is predicted do well with consumers.

Finance packages from Mercedes-Benz have not yet been announced for the S-Class coupe but once released, you will be updated.

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