The Luxury Collection Cristallo Ski Resort and Spa

The most luxurious ski resort in the world!

Cortina d’Ampezzo, a small town in Italy has been a popular ski-spot for decades. Hidden within the Italian Dolomites, the peaks prove to be an amazing location for skiing and snow-related activities. Back in 1959, the venue hosted the Winter Olympics and since then has been facilitating upper echelon families on their winter adventures. Arguably the most luxurious ski resort in Cortina d’Ampezzo is the Cristallo Resort and Spa.

Scenes from the Pink Panther were filmed at the renowned resort with superstars like Frank Sinatra and Princess Ira von Furstenberg visiting the resort. These are only a few of the many names to stay at the Cristallo resort.

Recently, the resort joined Marriott’s luxury collection, consisting of the most elite hotels and resorts in the world. Making it the first ski resort on the list.

Cristallo Ski Resort and spa
Cristallo Ski Resort and spa painted ceilings

Cristallo Resort and Spa reopened recently with their newly designed lobby and rooms being showcased for the first time. All 74 rooms now boast Luxury Collection insignias and furniture. The second set of renovations will be completed around December. The images of the new renovation can be seen above, boasting the highest quality Italian architecture and furniture. All artwork found in the resort is hand-painted, even the roses on the ceilings.

Cristallo Ski Resort and spa
Cristallo Ski Resort and spa • Presidential Suite

The rooms are named after men who have stayed there, the more luxurious room they have is the Presidential Suite, which will set you back €2300 a night. Some rooms come with a butler and en-suite. Rooms are also equipped with a chromotherapy lighting system and panoramic views are available on all balconies. The Dolomites can be seen from every angle on all balconies.

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