Is Kylie Jenner Copying Camo Fashion From PluggedNYC ?

Who would have guessed, the Jenner name is in the news one again. This time King Kylie is causing quite the stir on Social Media after people accuse her of copying another brands styles. This time a less-known streetwear brand, PluggedNYC is claiming the Jenner sister has taken their camouflage swim-wear theme.

Only yesterday our timelines were flooded with images of Kylie Jenner’s latest collection from her clothing brand. Which yes, do look quite similar to PluggedNYC’s apparel. Sources state that Kylie has in fact purchased clothing from them in the past.

The creative director for the company Tizita Balemlay has been in contact with the Jenner family and tweeted this “I am the influence *drops mic. Copy & Paste down to the shoes I used on my models”.

Social media users are saying that Kylie has duplicated the camo two-pieces and bathing suits. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing PluggedNYC’s items in weeks leading up to Kylie’s collection dropping.


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