JENNIFER: A Womens Streetwear Brand By Bobby Kim

The creator of The Hundreds Is Back With Women's Fashion

Bobby Kim, streetwear extraordinaire and founder of The Hundreds has just launched another brand, JENNIFER. Curated in Los Angeles, JENNIFER is clothing for women, designed in Los Angeles by me. And I wanna open up the conversation.

Bobby explained his thought process when founding the brand:

“Why don’t you make The Hundreds women’s?” As streetwear’s popularity rose in high fashion, the requests overflowed. Truth is, I didn’t feel like I had much to contribute to the women’s space, outside of capitalising on a market. My first rule of design is to have something to say. When it came to women’s fashion, I was speechless.

The collection consists of women’s clothing, such as hoodies, jerseys, shorts and dad caps. Check out the lookbook above and let us know what you think of JENNIFER on social media.