Is Twitter Stock On The Rise This Quarter?

Twitter shares (NYSE: TWTR) started 2018 in great form, with the Twitter share price making gains from $24 at the end of 2017 to $47 this June. Since June, we have seen Twitter stock price drop to lows of $26.19, nearly the same level as December 2017. Since June, the higher that Twitter stock has reached is around $32. Twitter shares have been sliding downwards after hitting a technical ceiling recently. For TWTR investors, this is not good news.

For analysts, Twitter is not performing much differently than expected. Twitter has figured out how to monetize its platform, driving revenues.

Twitter Stock Analysis

Twitter is experiencing a lack in investor-confidence, this stems from the public challenges that its competitors are facing. Facebook told investors in an earnings report that its sales growth would be slowing down, a forecast which came to fruition. Not to mention Snapchat (NYSE: SNAP), is still not meeting up to investors hopes. The perception of Facebook and Snapchat have an over-looming impact on all social media stocks. The overall landscape of the social media market is causing investors to be pessimistic on Twitter shares.

With the landscape of social media stocks looking so underwhelming, it is easy to see why Twitter share price is sliding at the moment.

Investor confidence is low, with the fear of a market eruption weighing on investors mind. Until the market in general picks up, Twitter share price will not make significant gains. Only a handful of stocks like Microsoft can brave a market-storm like the one we are currently experiencing.

Once tech stocks do eventually pickup again, Twitter share price will make gains and become a prominent figure in the internet sector. Because Twitter is still in its infancy, its size is not hindering it. Most investors are still looking at Twitter as a developing-business.

Despite being risky, Twitter shares are definitely one to watch as we go into 2019.