Is Intel Stock More Attractive Than AMD?

Despite broader market selloffs, Intel did not crumble.


Intel is one of tech’s mainstay company’s, with its name being a front-runner for microchips in the past few years. Despite not doing so well in the PC sector, Intel managed to forge a lane for itself in the data center market and IoT. Although the company dominates the market for semiconductors, Intel stock (NASDAQ: INTC) is still struggling to make significant gains.

Intel stock price has been negatively impacted by the China/U.S trade war as tariffs play a part in the company’s export. Intel is not the only company that has felt the trade war’s impact, the entire semiconductor industry has been hurt by the economic instability.

Despite this economic instability, Intel stock price hasn’t experienced shattering losses unlike other companies in the sector. Intel is shaping up as a strong buying-opportunity for tech-investors.

Although the company has a new CEO and faces other challenges, Intel stock is still undervalued. It is expected that Intel’s profit growth will only be 1.1 percent in 2019. However, this 1.1 percent growth is still greater than both Nvidia and AMD.

When looking at Nvidia stock and AMD stock, it is clear to see that Intel is more resistant to greater market declines. In October, we saw AMD and Nvidia fall into a bear market, during the same period Intel did not see significant declines. To ensure it keeps its market-share, Intel has upped production of their 10-nanometer chips

To conclude, I believe Intel stock price is undervalued despite challenges the company faces internally (and a recent downgrade). Now is a good buying opportunity for the stock due to the upside potential that Intel has. It cannot be ignored that AMD has surpassed Intel in some pivotal areas, but this doesn’t mean Intel cannot come back next year.

Intel Stock Prediction

Our analyst gives Intel stock price forecast of  $55 in the next 12-months.

Our analyst gives Intel stock a “BUY” rating currently.

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