Introducing: Cameron Bates A Young Fashion Designer

Today we take a look at an upcoming designer.

Sure, the statistics may say it’s nigh on impossible, but reality has a funny way of proving statistics wrong! So, when I came across Cameron Bates, I was astonished to find two essential ingredients wrapped up in one very young package. Not only is Cameron a truly talented designer who lives and breathes the streetwear culture, but he’s also got a keen business sense that will take him far. Mark my words, this kid is going to be big very soon. At the age of 20 he’s busy sewing his third collection – often late at night from his studio.

Every piece passes through his hands, and the luxury streetwear he’s selling is three steps above what you’ll find in most boutiques. At the age of 15 Cameron’s grandma began teaching him to sew. All through high school and now into college, making a statement with fashion has been his passion. “I started out making tons of mistakes, but over these past 5 years I’ve worked obsessively honing my craft.” According to Cameron, “For years I had obsessed over clothes. I fixated on the fit, stitching, textures and the cuts. I devoured every new trend, and I stared at the best-dressed kid in my highschool so much he wanted to punch me! Why? Because for me, clothes are so much more than just looking cool. What you wear projects a statement about who you are, and when you’re at the top of your game you can really feel the emotional spike.” Take a look at his website and be sure to get on his mailing list for future collections. Cameron’s current collection, Breaking Point, blends quality fabrics and stitching with a keen street vibe forming a truly luxurious blend. Each piece is personally sewn by Cameron as he works to launch his first mainstream collection that will hit stores in spring of 2018.

Check out his website here. Follow him on Instagram also.