An Interview With Dee Cosey – The People’s Artist

Where do you start when discussing Dee Cosey? Raised in Chicago, Cosey is a self-made tattoo artist to the biggest stars of this era. Over the past few years Dee has created a solid body of artwork, with fans ranging from Rihanna to Rick Ross.

With art being an ever-popular medium, it seems like most people are trying their hand with art in some way. Wether it be graffiti or customising sneakers, the market is saturated and some of the best artists are yet be to be found. So what exactly does it take to “make it” in the art world? We asked Dee..

What Is Your Advice For Aspiring Artists?

“To live life freely, make sure you keep your eyes open because you never want to miss anything in life. Any and everything can be an inspiration without you knowing”.

What Are Your Favourite Pieces Of Art?

“My favourite pieces of art, hmm. That’s a hard one. The little pieces can mean so much more to me and the most detailed might be my favourite eye catcher. But to answer this, I would say it’s the OJ Simpson pieces that I created a week ago”.

What Are Your Future Plans?

“My future plans for art, to expand the world with no limits. I would like to express my art through clothing and architecture. My dream house will be amazing”!

Keep your eyes peeled for Dee and check out his work online. His clothing line can be purchased here.