How To Make Money From Starting A Blog

We look at making bank from a blog!

Many of us always wonder how to make money via blogging. Over time blogging and online presence of every individual has grown considerably. Although most bloggers give up halfway before they make any money. Starting a blog is not an easy task as there are various factors that can hamper this process. However, one common thing between veteran bloggers is patience. They put in hard work year after year to gain fruitful results after long-term.

Money from blogs can be a healthy fulltime income. The term monetizing a blog is often used when someone wants to make money out of it. There are various ways to earn a steady income via blogging. The great part being is you can work at your time and pace. Neither you need to be a big company nor you need to be a pro blogger. All you need is a continuous flow of useful engaging content. Here are different ways to make money from your blog.

Display Ad

Display Ads is all about making money directly from the blog. These ads are similar to billboards with one difference that they are digital. Commonly they are placed in the sidebar, footer, or the header of the website. In some cases, they can also be positioned between the content. These ads are also known as banner ads.

Display Ads are mostly provided by ad networks. These ad networks work as middlemen between advertisers and publishers. Their role is to negotiate and a successful deal between the two. Some of the top ad networks include Google Adsense, Outbrain and Bing Ads.

Private Ads

Private Ads are like display ads that are placed on the blog. They can be in form of buttons, text, and graphics. The unique thing about private ads is that there is no middleman. Therefore the partnership is between the blogger and the advertiser. Private ads are commonly negotiated with local and small business companies.

Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is a content that you write for a person or company about their products or services. The trust of your reader base directly links to the products you sponsor. Therefore, make sure you know what you are sponsoring and if it would be liked by your audience.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means promoting others product on your post. All you do is provide a link to their product. This link is known as the unique affiliate link. As a blogger you work as a middleman, a commission is awarded when a reader purchases the product via the link.

Selling Audios, Videos, Apps, and Plugins

You can sell audios, videos or any of the information that your reader base would love to purchase. These products can be yours and even others who already have a name in the industry. This is only possible once you have a loyal reader base.

Digital Products

One other way to make money out of your blog is to sell digital products such as E-courses, Events, workshops, and webinars. It is best to start small and see the response of your audience. Once you learn the ropes then work on to expand the same.


Be the leader of your business and provide guidance to whoever needs it. In this format, your blog must have a tremendous amount of information as well as engaging content in the field you would want to work in. Once you are recognized as a pro in the field, you can charge for your guidance and advice.

Above were some ways to make money out of a b blog. The key thing to remember is to be patient and continue working hard on your blog. If you have an audience then you definitely will be able to make money out of it.