How To Make Money From Blogging?

We look at making bank from a blog!

Many of us always wonder how to make money via blogging. Over time blogging and online presence of every individual has grown considerably. Although most bloggers give up halfway before they make any money. So it probably leads you to think how to make money from blogging.. more specifically how can I do it?

Starting a blog is not an easy task as there are various factors that can hamper this process. However, one common thing between veteran bloggers is patience. They put in hard work year after year to gain fruitful results after long-term.

Money from blogs can be a healthy full-time income. The term “monetizing a blog” is often used when someone wants to make money out of it. There are various ways to earn a steady income via blogging. The great part being is you can work at your time and pace. Neither you need to be a big company nor you need to be a pro blogger. All you need is a continuous flow of useful engaging content. Here are different ways to make money from your blog.

The most difficult part of making a blog profitable is getting it seen by readers and keeping people engaged enough to make money from.

Starting A Blog

First things first, you are going to need a blog before you can earn money from one (of course). Because you can’t make money from blogging without a blog! The process of starting a blog can be overwhelming at first, but once you get it up and running things only get easier from there..

The online world is so extensive and diverse there are many ways to make money online that is can also be confusing but read these steps and hopefully it will be clearer for you. Get ready to have the Blogging Lifestyle !

Make Money Online.. through blogging

There are so many different ways to generate an income from blogging that its hard to list them all. The goal for most bloggers is to generate a large enough income to live off without having to work another job. These are some of the ways in which you can start turning your blogging dreams into a reality..

Making Money Through Display Advertising

Display Ads is all about making money directly from the blog. These ads are similar to billboards with one difference that they are digital. Commonly they are placed in the sidebar, footer, or the header of the website. In some cases, they can also be positioned between the content. These ads are also known as banner ads.

Display Ads are mostly provided by ad networks. These ad networks work as middlemen between advertisers and publishers. Their role is to negotiate and a successful deal between the two. Some of the top ad networks include Google Adsense, Outbrain and Bing Ads.

Different advertising models are used by different networks, for example AdSense uses CPC whereas outbrain uses CPM and CPC. But what does this all mean?

CPC advertising – cost per click ads are when you earn revenue based on how many clicks your ads accumulate. Advertising networks such as AdSense use a CPC model which is good if you are blogging in a high paying niche such as finance or technology.

CPM advertising – cost per mile ads are when you earn revenue based on how many people look at the advert (per thousand)., Conversant and more ad networks use CPM which works well if your readers are less inclined to click ads because you still earn revenue.

CPA advertising – cost per action advertising is when you earn revenue based on how many people buy/install the product or app you are advertising. CPA ad networks are more common for apps but they are great earners if your readers install what you are advertising.

Private Ads

Private Ads are like display ads that are placed on the blog. They can be in form of buttons, text, and graphics. The unique thing about private ads is that there is no middleman. Therefore the partnership is between the blogger and the advertiser. Private ads are commonly negotiated with local and small business companies.

Private ads can also be purchased using sites like BuySellAds, where a third party is involved to ensure there are no scams going on.

Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is a content that you write for a person or company about their products or services. The trust of your reader base directly links to the products you sponsor. Therefore, make sure you know what you are sponsoring and if it would be liked by your audience. Also known as “advertorials”, sponsored posts lie between a blog post and classic advert.

Most people hate banner and due to their intrusive nature, this means that they get put of your site before reading anything. Sponsored posts are less intrusive and have more authority because you (a reputable source) cosigns the product.

Even with 10,000 page views, you can still charge around $100 for a sponsored post.

Leave your email address in the footer of your blog so people can reach you to buy sponsored posts.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means promoting others product on your post. All you do is provide a link to their product. This link is known as the unique affiliate link. As a blogger you work as a middleman, a commission is awarded when a reader purchases the product via the link.

Some affiliate marketers earn well in excess of $10,000 monthly through affiliate marketing. Our favourite affiliate programs are Amazon Affiliates, ClickBank and Blue Host.

The advantage to affiliates are that you can ‘sell stock’ without having to store products and worry about shipping. If implemented correctly you can make a passive income with affiliate marketing. To be successful at affiliate marketing you do not need much traffic, but you must write quality content that converts.

Many people ask “how much can I earn from affiliate marketing”? When in truth the income depends on the profitability of the affiliate network you work with. Different networks offer different commission rates. You could earn from $5 to $1000 on each sale depending on the network.

The reason why many people don’t do well at affiliate marketing is that it takes time to find products that fit your niche. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t make money from blogging straight away, it takes time to build an empire!

Selling Audios, Videos, Apps, and eBooks

You can sell audios like audio-books covering topics in your niche along with tutorial videos and apps. For example, if you are the health niche you may want to make an ebook detailing your diet or fitness regime. You can then sell the eBook on your website and make revenue.

Videos are harder to make due to the camera work and editing process required to make them viable. This means that you will have to spend money on camera equipment and lowering your profit margin.

Apps can be highly profitable with ad revenue exceeding over $10,000 monthly if is popular on the app-store. Although, creating an app can take months according to some App Developers it can cost around $25,000 to produce a basic app.

So to make money from blogging you might want to incorporate a third party platform into your business model. Wether it be Ebooks, courses or audiobooks is down to u.

Digital Products

One other way to make money out of your blog is to sell digital products such as E-courses, Events, workshops, and webinars. It is best to start small and see the response of your audience. Once you learn the ropes then work on to expand the same.

E-courses can be useful if you are a specialist in your niche and have the ability to teach other people about it. Webinars are popular by online marketers to reach hundreds of people at once, in an online conference.

Downloadable PDF’s are easy to make and can generate thousands of sales if you market it well enough. This is a great way to make money from blogging because it isn’t time consuming and is easy to sell.

Carrying Out A Service

Be the leader of your business and provide guidance to whoever needs it. In this format, your blog must have a tremendous amount of information as well as engaging content in the field you would want to work in. Once you are recognized as a pro in the field, you can charge for your guidance and advice.

Above were some ways to make money out of a blog. The key thing to remember is to be patient and continue working hard on your blog. If you have an audience then you definitely will be able to make money out of it.

Sometimes to make money From blogging doesn’t have to be done directly from your blog. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone to harness a new revenue stream.

Email Marketing

Its a good idea to have a newsletter for your readers to receive, updating them on new content when you publish it. Through this email list you can put ads on the email, which is another source of revenue.

If you are marketing savvy, then you can put affiliate links on the email.

There are so many different ways to make money from blogging that it’s impossible to add them all. The trick to succeeding with blogging is, and will always be, quality content.

Some blogs also accept donations, wether it be cash or cryptocurrency. You’d be surprised how many people donate to sites out of kindness and appreciation for the help a blog may provide.

With good content comes good readers who engage with your whole site and stay loyal to your content.

Something Unique

When it comes to making money online, 99.9% of things you are thinking about are already saturated by large companies and other aspiring online entrepreneurs. After Researching extensively, we have found an untapped niche waiting to be opened up. That niche is ‘classic film posters’.

When looking on your favourite online marketplace it is easy to see that people are selling their art in huge numbers. Wether it be digital, hand-painted or structural art it doesn’t take much research to see that it sells. For someone to begin selling art it is extremely difficult due to competition, but after further inspection there are a few micro-niches that are vastly profitable.

Posters of Hollywood movies are selling like wildfire and very few people are exploiting it. First you need to research and purchase the poster. Then by advertising your classic movie posters on your blog you are more likely to sell your product.