How to get affordable auto insurance ?

We look at how to get affordable car insurance in the UK.

Over time one must have noticed that the auto insurance premium in the USA/UK has been raised. There are various factors that have caused these hikes. Some of them directly relate to the insurance taker and others are not in our control. Some of the common factors that insurers utilize to determine the premium are one’s age, driving record or history and previous claims. These were factors that can’t be fully under your control. However, the ones that you can manage are upfront payment, security devices on the car and the type of vehicle.

This the reason most wonder how to get affordable insurance for their vehicle? However, there are plenty of tricks that can help you reduce the premium. Some of the common ones include paying annually, setting higher excess and avoiding duplicate document fees. Here are additional ways that will help you cut your cost.

Shop Around

Purchasing an auto insurance is same as buying furniture. Although the factors between the two are different, the process is same. One type of furniture may be available at various shops and websites, and that too at a lower cost. It is recommended to check online and offline with various insurance providers to get the best quote. The market is very competitive and many would provide great offers that meet your budget.

Append Black Box

If you are a young driver or do not have a good driving history then your premium is going to be expensive. However, there is a way you can overcome this problem. You can ask the insurer to install a system in the car that records driving habits. This device is officially known as telematics. It monitors speed, braking, and acceleration, which can help an insurer to quote lower.

Don’t Modify Your Car

If you think insurers only consider racer cars as risky than you might be wrong. If you have even slightly modified your car it may raise your premium. Before changing anything in the car it is best to talk to the insurer. However, installing an alarm or immobilizer can lower this cost. All in all, it is best to avoid any modification.


Haggling is a way to get the best price from your insurer. Most insurance companies reserve the best deals for new buyers and dedicated policyholders. Therefore it can always pay up to bargain with your insurers. You can try to boost your chances by mentioning that you can shop around with other insurers.

Add a driver to the policy

The way insurance works are with risks. The higher the risk the more you pay, therefore it is recommended to add a second driver to the policy which can decrease the premium. However, make sure the driver you choose is a responsible person that would reasonably drive the car. If you live with your family it is good to add mum or dad to the policy. These will considerably cut your cost.

The above are some tricks that can help you reduce the auto insurance in the UK. It can surely make your insurance affordable and save you some money.

Lock Your Car In A Garage

By locking your car in a garage, the cost may go down significantly. Giving you more affordable insurance.

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