Health Insurance: Why Do Millennials Love Healthcare More?

A report states Millennials are the happiest generation with their health plans.


Common sense says every new generation is somehow better than the last one. How does this work with our everyday life?

According to the Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey, millennials tend to actively choose their health insurance as they are the happiest generation with the plans available on the market. Such research backs up the study of the Employee Benefit Research Institute, which certified the satisfaction percentage, 60% of the millennials.

The study

In fact, a common behavior is now widespread amongst that age group, surprisingly due to social media. Word of mouth taken to the next level actually makes a difference, and in the virtual world, every teenager can see which routines are best for their health.

The researchers tested over 3600 young employees undergoing a free plan offered by the EBRI and discovered interesting facts about the young ones’ habits.

For example, millennials have a particular tendency to exercise more and stay fit, compared to their old peers. Furthermore, they are more likely to choose a medicine they already researched about, side effects included, of course. On the other side, however, Millennials also tend to smoke more- something the International laws are trying to prevent, along with a good marketing campaign.

In fact, the healthcare (insurance) plans of the future may educate their customers in order to decrease rates of smoking.

Millennials have more options to choose from

Statistics say it all- because the 50% of the millennials are happy with the information on healthcare they have, this means companies and the government built a good network of available data on the topic. Continuing on this way will mean more health security for the new generations, but also more freedom of choice in the field. In fact, more and more plans are becoming available on the market- many of them are already absolutely affordable.