Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor Pay-Per-View Price And Information

The price to stream the fight on August 26th.

Floyd Mayweather will be taking on UFC legend Conor McGregor next month for what is going the be the most hyped fight of the decade. Despite it being the first time Conor McGregor puts on the boxing gloves, the cost to watch him fight is extremely high.

The Los Angeles Times is stating that the pay-per-view price for the fight is going to be $89.95! The fight taking place in Las Vegas will be one of the most expensive pay-per-view screenings of the year. For HD, you have to pay yet another $10, making it nearly $100 USD.

Lance Pugmire on Twitter

The @FloydMayweather @TheNotoriousMMA pay per view price will be $89.95 — same as the Pacquiao fight – $10 more for HD.

When Manny came against Mayweather back in 2015, the pay-per-view price was around the same.

Many fans are saying that the fight is an opportunity for both fighters to cash out and capitalise on their individual buzz. On the other hand, some boxing fans claim that the price is fair and is reasonable for who is fighting. Yesterday Conor McGregor claimed that Floyd Mayweather is only fightign again to pay off his taxes.. but as for that the statements are only allegations as of now.

The real question is, will you be paying nearly $100 USD to watch Conor McGregor fight Floyd Mayweather?

Check out the promotional video above and check out Floyd Mayweather training Soulja Boy.