The Falcon Heavy By SpaceX Is The World Most Powerful Rocket


After revealing the Tesla Roadster and Telsa Semi Elon Musk has wasted no time at all before giving us yet another game changing machine. Along with the worlds largest battery he can now add “worlds most powerful rocket” to his name too.

Titled the Falcon Heavy, SpaceX have announced that the rocket will be lifting off in 2017, so we can look forward to seeing it takeoff within the next three weeks or so. But what does it do? What does it carry? and what does it look like? these are all valid questions that SpaceX has answered.

How Powerful Is It?

When taking off later this month the Falcon Heavy will be twice as powerful as the second most powerful rocket in the world (Delta IV Heavy). Meaning that it wins by a landslide! It’s capable of taking off with a payload of 54 metric tonnes (119,000 lbs). SpaceX have said the Falcon Heavy could carry a 737 jetliner full of passengers, crew and fuel. At liftoff the rocket can provide more than 5 million pounds of thrust. The rocket is build with 9 engine cores with 27 merlin engines surrounding the core. The engines work together to provide the massive thrust required to take the payload into space. Once in stage 1 the side engine cores will release and the center core increase throttle to full.

Falcon Heavy
Falcon Heavy

What Does It Carry (Payload)?

SpaceX have shed some light on what the rocket will be carrying into space. It will be delivering large payloads and sometimes the Dragon spacecraft. The payload will be protected by a composite fairing so the atmosphere in low earth orbit (LEO) will not damage the cargo. SpaceX have said that the rocket was designed with human passengers in mind, so Earth to Mars travel may not be so distant thanks to the Falcon Heavy. The engines are capable of restarting multiple times, so the rockt can drop off payloads in different places without having to come back to Earth before each stop.

Specification Of The Falcon Heavy

Height: 70m / 229.6ft

Total Width: 12.2m / 39.9 ft

Mass: 1,420,788kg / 3,125,735 lb

Boosters: 2

Stages: 2

How Much Does A Falcon Heavy Cost?

The Heavy will be available to purchase from 2018 onwards with a standard model priced at $90Million USD. Although for frequent buyers and contractors, discounts are available. According to its creators, the Falcon Heavy is the most cost efficient heavy rocket to date. So the rocket is definitely one to add to the Christmas list right?

In upcoming weeks we can expect to her news about the latest SpaceX endeavour and hopefully get to see the rocket take off via live stream.

Stay updated with the latest SpaceX news and watch the Falcon 9 Rocket land itself at sea.