How Many Deaths Are In Game Of Thrones?

One of two things is certain in Game Of Thrones, one being war, the other being death. The people of the seven kingdoms are all too aware that death is imminent and always around the corner. George R.R. Martin is infamous for making life temporary in Game Of Thrones, this may be one of the reasons for the shows success. Since the show began back in 2011 there has been a countless amount of deaths, with some of the shows biggest characters perishing on most episodes. Just incase you haven’t been counting how many people died on Game Of Thrones, you can now know.

Thanks to Game Of Thrones fan, Leon Andrew Razon, a twenty minute video showing every on-screen and off-screen death has been compiled. During the shows six seasons there has been over 150,000 deaths,150,966 to be exact. This number includes animals, bugs and just about everything. The huge number makes you think exactly who is killing this many people until you take the dragon wars into account.

Every Death In Game Of Thrones

The video is surprisingly enjoyable.. if you enjoy the sounds of sharpened steel slicing skin and air. July 16th marks the start of Game Of Thrones season 7, stay tuned.