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Here are three long-term energy stocks to purchase and hold in 2021

Long-term investment involves tremendous thought and, in the energy sector, that’s not inherently straightforward. Some reasonably steady energy supplies are quite risky; energy sources such as coal are in a systemic downturn, and critical fuels such as oil see risks on the horizon from the electric vehicles. Investors need to identify stocks which can withstand the transition to green energy as well as prosper. SunPower (NASDAQ: SPWR), Hannon Armstrong (NYSE: HASI) and Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE) are outstanding shares, to begin with, if you are making investments in clean energy stocks today.

The firm behind the scenes in the clean energy market

In the energy sector, Hannon Armstrong is not going to be a corporation that gets much publicity. It’s mostly a financial firm, bringing capital into equity as well as debt to fund green energy ventures. So that’s why today is a significant investment. Hannon Armstrong should shift and migrate capital to the most beneficial portion of the economy as the energy environment shifts. This may often be energy conservation programs in government houses, in other cases possessing the property under the wind turbines, or owning private solar properties, as it does as a SunPower alliance component.

What shareholders get from the Hannon Armstrong is a 2.2 percent yield, which can rise annually as the firm earns a yield on what it spends. With billions of dollars flowing into green energy ventures per year, this is one of the businesses that can slowly and gradually develop a major renewable energy sector.

The Solar Play

SunPower is a solar business based on developing a framework that can be built on by residential as well as commercial solar developers. The firm has put together the instruments to allow consumers to create their solar rooftop systems, creating excellent leads for the construction partners of SunPower. Its software also offers all that installers require, from solar panels to the racking systems to tracking systems. But in the long run, what renders this an attractive stock is the energy storage. The company of SunPower is not yet reliably profitable, but it is expanding the customer base and growing margins. In the years ahead, as solar power usage grows and energy storage is becoming a bigger part of the energy grid, this is a business that can expand and surpass the overall market.

Betting on the future of hydrogen

Bloom Energy is introducing an industrial electrolyzer that can transform wind and solar power and water into hydrogen. For Bloom’s fuel cell servers from around the globe, this could be a clean supply of fuel. In areas like big shipping vessels, the firm is also seeking potential usage cases for such servers, that it is exploring in collaboration with the Samsung Heavy Sector. In the $2+ trillion power market, there are many opportunities for hydrogen which Bloom Energy is also too good to give up.

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