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TNG Limited has selected renewable energy experts to advance the development and production of Vanadium redox battery

TNG Limited, a resource and mineral refining technology developer, has chosen Generators and Off-Grid Energy and juwi Renewable Energy to ensure the vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) production resumes. These two companies are experts in the renewable energy industry of Australia.

The partnership and its delicacies will unveil via TNG’s clean energy program called TNG Energy Pty Ltd. This subsidiary will oversee the program to ensure it yields profits and is technically advanced to the required level. Additionally, the project will be a preliminary for the completion of the Mount Peake vanadium-titanium-iron project progressing in the Northern Territory.

Generators and Off-Grid Energy’s expertise lies in project evaluation, construction engineering, and maintenance of solar and battery units, among other renewable energy procedures. Juwi Renewable Energy of Queensland, Australia is a subgroup of the juwi Group in Germany whose specialty is production, acquisition, engineering, and development of mega renewable energy projects, especially for solar and wind energy production.

The managing director of TNG and the head of this project, Paul Burton, explained that the partnership would oversee the growth of Mount Peake and outline a feasible plan for the VRFB business covering the activities, strategies, equipment, financial management, and the implementation of the project. He expressed his joy to work with two industry giants to advance a project that will facilitate the expansion of the green energy sector in the country and fulfill the demands of the stakeholders in the company. Burton revealed that this project’s success would help the company dissect the Mount Peake platform and acquire more profits while expanding its niche in the transition to clean energy.

The TNG executives developed the VRFB unit early this month as TNG’s strategy to emphasize and expound the dimension that the Mount Peake vanadium-titanium-iron project would take while proceeding in the quest to become a hub for clean energy in the country. TNG plans to develop the vanadium electrolyte unit and emanate as a distributor of greenhouse emission reduction technology and products. This move would make the company stand out as an energy supplier or utility offering its services off the grid.

TNG announced that it would be moving away from fossil fuel energy programs and focusing its efforts on the VRFB business unit to strike an energy balance that pervades the consumption of clean energy while advocating carbon emission reduction operations.

Furthermore, TNG is advancing the technical, commercial, and advertising requirements for setting up a business unit to ensure that VRFB thrives and generates clean energy while promoting the continuation of work for the Mount Peake project. To sum up, the project will improve the battery shelf life while bringing in advanced techniques for developing it and protecting it from competitors. TNG will become a mega supplier of clean energy in the country, challenging the existing pioneers.

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