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Henrik Fisker will be leasing electric cars to customers for free on road trips

Henrik Fisker has this exhilarating plan to educate the youth on the essence of purchasing electric vehicles. He thinks that the program can treat them to the bright side of electric vehicles that they haven’t explored to encourage them to purchase them. 

Fisker was a member of the BMW group led by Aston Martin before switching to the coachbuilding role under his own company titled Fisker Automotive. He founded this company thirteen years ago, intending to develop high-performance hybrid electric vehicles. Fisker Automotive came to the limelight four years later with celebrities strolling in the models of the company. Elon Musk of Tesla discovered that this production line would bring in more profits and explored it with all the resources at his disposal. Several misfortunes befell Fisker Automotive, forcing him to apply for bankruptcy shielding. The company lost 300 electric vehicles to the famous Hurricane Sandy.

Fisker combined efforts with Bob Lutz and Gilbert Villarreal to unveil the VLF Automotive, the Force 1 V10, and other products, among them yachts. Later on, he discovered the essence of reviving Fisker Automotive and unveiled Fisker Inc. in 2016.

The company was under intense pressure to prove its viability in the market until this year. The company decided to enter the special acquisition program with Apollo, which came with the necessity of being enlisted on the New York Stock Exchange. This acquisition brought enough capital into the company, making it resume its production and development operations.

Fisker discovered that the youth’s target market is desirous of the flexibility of the electric cars for changes and connectivity to the internet rather than horsepower and other details of the cars. He also noted that people have a completely wild opinion and ideas of mobility.

Henrik identified that customers desire an interface combining computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices than what composes the hood. Fisker then decided to develop a model that infuses the ideas identified to meet the customers’ grievances.

The Ocean model allows the customers to enjoy a maximum of 300 miles of travel for $30000, capping off the government’s taxes and incentives. Fisker discovered that it would be more appropriate to give the customers a taste of the vehicles before they can buy them.

Many young people are afraid of borrowing huge chunks of money to purchase fancy cars and discard vehicles when they don’t meet their expectations. Fisker thought that this process could be costly, scaring off potential customers. He created a platform where the youth can enjoy the vehicles without necessarily buying them.

To sum up, Fisker is hopeful that they can entertain the youth’s concepts enough to capture their needs with the services they offer. Manufacturers should consider diversifying the electric vehicle model if they want to enjoy the profits from all the market.

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