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Social Awareness and Ethical Matters Influences Changes in the Renewable Energy Field

Microsoft is leading changes in the Renewables scene following an innovative approach discovered in July. The company committed itself to generate a new system that could produce 500 megawatts of power from solar energy ventures. The venture caters to energy demand in under-resourced communities in the United States. 

The venture takes advantage of existing connections between local authorities and the project planners to integrate renewable energy into the communities. The Venture will focus on minority businesses with ideal situations favoring women-owned firms program also covers Communities that are disproportionately affected by environmental pollution and other areas that are not likely to benefit from the renewable energy movement.

Joining Microsoft on this venture is a renewable energy company, Salesforce. The company has a portfolio engaging in renewable energy projects and recently published its report on successful projects completed called the more than a Megawatt paper. The publications seek to provide a layout for integrating renewable energy concepts and how to maximize their potential. 

Likewise, the two companies receiving additional involvement from and other renewable energy companies called LevelTen. LevelTen was tasked by some corporate entities to look into social justice implementation in the renewable section. Part of its mandate is to research ways in which renewable energy ventures can reduce pollution and generate job opportunities while contributing to government revenue. This venture also has to ensure that involved parties employers effective supply chain accountability practices while adhering to ethical business ideals.

The venture also opens possibilities for companies to re-establish their business culture. This new accountability culture is becoming popular in the industry, with more businesses joining in reducing inefficiencies in the industry.

This new business model is fortunate already have gathered traction between other players in the communication. A group of renewable energy-focused companies specializing in solar power generation teamed up a project called Renewables Forward back to work to integrate the new system into the workplace aimed at increasing racial diversity together with more inclusion for other races in the industry.

There are speculative reasons that the movement to change racial disparities in the workplace is a consequence of the George Floyd incident on 25 May 2020. Floyd was a victim of racial profiling and police brutality facing fraud allegations. However, George Floyd’s death served to open the public to shift focus to the racial differences in society and the workplace.

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