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VW’s Power Day indicates the arrival of EV, but can they catch up with Tesla?

Tesla is the pioneer of electric vehicles, and for years, its dominance in the market is beyond any other carmaker. However, other players have joined in the game of manufacturing clean-energy cars. Statics show that VW and Tesla will be competing for the top position over the decade. Tesla’s current sales are more than that of the biggest carmakers combined, making it look almost impossible to catch up with sales.

VW has climbed the ladder faster than other manufacturers taking the 2nd position with 231,600 EVs sold in 2020. The electric vehicles industry is more extensive than Tesla and VW. Still, they have remarkable technologies in the two companies, giving people reasons to believe they will top in the industry. They include:

Battery technology framing: The battery is a core feature for electric vehicles since they determine the distance it can travel with a full charge. Tesla and VW have different opinions in the field since their approach to battery technologies varies. VW focuses on the unified cell, where 80% of a battery capacity arrives in a single format. The two companies are working on the sector with VW incorporating different technologies for excellent results. However, Tesla is developing their batteries to make its cars cost-effective.

Vision breadth: In the VW Power Day, the main focus was their battery and the publicity of their commitment to achieving the best technology. The vision is bold and compelling. In contrast, Tesla Battery Day focused solely on batteries because we already know Tesla’s dream and goals. From VW’s presentation and Tesla’s, you can point out the gap between the two companies.

The ambition to scale: VW and Tesla have different sector ambitions, with Tesla aiming to get 3TWh of production in 2030 and VW aiming at 250GWh battery capacity. Their difference is enormous, and it makes sense since Tesla has been running for years. But we can ignore that Tesla will have a hard time getting batteries to match this target, implying that their technology will evolve.

The breadth of speakers: Diversity in leadership is a strength, and VW has this feature, evident in the VW power day. As for Tesla, it is often a show run by Elon Musk. But VW’s situation was awkward with different speakers giving so much information. It reflects a leadership structure with ambitious leaders eager to succeed.

Vertical Integration with the EV as the home energy asset: During the VW Power Day, it was apparent that Tesla and VW both have a total commitment to vertical integration. The two companies are aiming to achieve the same thing over the decade. Tesla and VW are influential car makers, but one of them will top the other, and it’s almost impossible to predict.

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