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A look into the range anxiety associated with electric vehicles 

Range anxiety is a feeling that develops when an electric vehicle owner discovers the battery charge is approaching zero, and there are no nearby recharge stations. Electric vehicle owners get somewhat anxious when they realize that they will be stranded in a place because the battery is out. Reports indicate that most people fear purchasing electric vehicles due to charging stations’ inadequacy to power cars while on the journey. Range emanates when an electric vehicle owner deviates from his routine of recharging the car and daily events that require driving drain out the battery leaving the driver anxious. If there are no charging stations where the driver passes with his car, then the anxiety grows wild. Therefore, these cars limit the owners to traveling within a calculated mileage range unless the place they are moving to has plenty of charging facilities.

Range anxiety happens to all the drivers, including those who own ICE vehicles. In this case, they may be traveling somewhere far, and they run out of oil without arriving at the closest gas station. For electric cars, the feeling is far worse, considering that it is the newest technology and hasn’t completely taken root. The transport industry will flood with electric vehicles whose price differences will be based on the battery’s capacity to power the car for a long mileage range before requiring a recharge. Nevertheless, plans are underway for new real estate developments to contain a home charging system for these cars to minimize the crowding effect on the few available charging stations.

The Tesla owners are probably the most secure in this industry since they enjoy the services of a Supercharger network running through Westchester County to Montana. This advantage comes with a control measure: their cars’ prices are higher than any other manufacturer’s. Nonetheless, anybody who intends to own an electric vehicle should consider the following strategies to overcome range anxieties. 

First, you can purchase a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). Research by the American Automobile Association (AAA) reveals that an individual in America can cover about 31 miles in a day. Nevertheless, since there may be incidences when one may exceed this distance, purchasing a PHEV may save the person the trouble of looking for a recharge station. The owner can refill the gas system of the car and carry on with his errands. Additionally, this vehicle is rechargeable with any standard charger saving the consumer the trouble of purchasing a specific charger.

Next, the customer can install a home charging system. This move would enable the electric vehicle owner to recharge his car overnight and utilize it during the day. The challenge with this strategy is that the installation may be expensive. However, the owner will never have to make a queue to wait for his turn to recharge their car.

Furthermore, the electric vehicle owner can subscribe to a national charging station network. Utilities offering this service like Chargepoint and Electrify America provide recharge services at the customers’ convenience since they have various chargers that the electric vehicle owners can use on different models they stroll into the stations for recharges. This strategy helps the electric vehicle owner to enjoy recharging his car while he is far away from home. 

Finally, the electric vehicle owner can hire an ICE car for road trips and other activities requiring traveling for long distances. This move would minimize range anxiety since there are numerous charging stations for ICE cars almost everywhere.

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