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The USA Gradually Adapting to Renewable Energy

The renewable energy scene is still on the rise in the United States. The realization is becoming a reality provided that experts relate to the industry’s development is set for a bright future. This comes as no shock that the industry’s growth is quickly gaining steam among developers. New York State is set to have a stake in wind purposed renewable energy generation soon. According to a New York governor’s state address, he was concerned that New York’s next significant venture should be deeply embedded in renewable energy generation, including a substantial reduction in the state’s carbon footprint. The state has a schedule to build the country’s most expansive wind generation structure that will include its energy grid called the energy superhighway

The New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s report reasons that the state plans to introduce this venture on green infrastructure-based platform. Such a project holds much promise with expectation capable of providing close to half of the state’s energy requirements from renewable sources of energy. During the press conference, Governor Cuomo redirected listeners towards developing a green-based future, stating that global warming is the planet’s way of bringing attention to a worrying rise in carbon deposits.

The governor confirmed that New York City is well underway towards developing a green future infrastructure with previous plans to create energy installation for the Empire State. The first instalment will include 24 solar energy stations supplemented by a dozen wind generation stations connected to an energy superhighway except with high-capacity battery infrastructure.

Experts have hope for the project stating that it can generate 1400 megawatts of renewable energy. These projections indicate that the project will supply power to 6 million homes in its first quarter. The state also plans to engage in additional projects this year by establishing two new wind farms each having 90 turbines that will tap into the States’ wind generation capacity.

These new installations are slated to be located along the coast of Long Island. The projected station points plan to be 20 miles from Jones Beach while also being 16 miles from Montauk Point. The plant’s strategic placement is a measure to provide the best distance between the massive energy plants while offering room for expansion both for the residential centres and the plants. The United States federal government has issued continued support towards developing renewable energy ventures including regulatory and taxation reductions for renewable energy ventures.

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