Easy Mortgage & Home Loan Guide For Students


Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments one makes in their lives. Therefore, before applying for a loan it is key to understand as well consider every aspect of it. To fund your investment it is necessary to look into every detail of the mortgage before you agree to it. There are many banks offering competitive rates in the market. However, it is necessary to know the hidden conditions of these agreements. Do not get excited by the fruitful picture that the lender portrays, as there is a lot more to it.

The bank that lends the money is known as the lender and the monthly payments paid to the bank is a known as the mortgage payment or loan payment. The terms differ from country to country, in the United States the money from the bank is known as Mortgage and the monthly payment is referred to as Mortgage payment. In some countries, the monthly installments are titled as Installments or EMI ( Equated Monthly Instalments).
The interest rate is a very common term in the mortgage industry. It is the rate of interest on the home loan that calculates your monthly installments. A major difference between banks is the interest rate on the loan amount. In other words, it is the money that the bank makes from you by giving you the privilege to borrow money. That is the profit of the bank in lending you money. The lower the interest rate the better for you. This is because at the end of the mortgage term you will pay less total interest. Low-interest rate means lower monthly installments.

The Mortgage Guide For Students 

Another term that is significant when getting a money from the bank is foreclosure. The process where the bank takes back your home when you fail to pay your monthly installments is termed as a foreclosure. The bank does this to recover its money for the house. The time period for each mortgage is different. However, in the U.S. there are two mortgage terms i.e. 15 years and 30 years. Whereas in other countries the loan term can change based on the amount as well the type of loan. A person acquiring money can choose the time period when he or she would like to repay the full amount with interest. Every loan type is different and each has its pros and cons.
As said earlier mortgage payments are how you will end your home loan. These payments can be set to auto-drafts or manual payments. Most prefer auto drafts in order to avoid missing the mortgage payment deadline. However, if choose to pay manually then it is one’s duty to make the payment to the bank in the given time. The periodic installments include the repayment of the principal amount as well as the interest. So part of the monthly payment goes to pay the principal amount and the remaining covers the interest. 
Mortgage Guide
Mortgage Guide

Even though you pay for both the principal amount and the interest, you only need to make a single payment that is the addition of both. The mortgage payment stays same for the entire life of the home loan. In general, you are not required to know how much you pay for the principal amount and how much you pay for the interest. But if curious you can ask the bank to provide exact calculations for the same. It is great to know the calculations as it helps when choosing the right home loan and also comparing which bank to lend money from. Monthly stamens are sent to you which shows how much loan amount is left to be paid and how much you already have paid.

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