Donald Trump’s Lawyer & Law Team Has Spelled ‘President’ Wrong In His Comey Testimony Response

It seems like no one was available to proof-read the latest official document from the legal team of Donald Trump. After releasing the official response regarding the defence against ex-FBI Director’s James Comey’s statement to the Senate Intelligence Committee. The letter from Trump’s law team is riddled with spelling errors, which the internet is clearly now letting him live down.

The letter begins as “I am Marc Kasowitz, Predisent Trump’s personal lawyer,”

Minutes after the statement was revealed to the public, Twitter users primed their fingers and let loose on the timelines.

Most people took the multiple typos as a simple blunder and capitalised on the incorrect-spelling to gain retweets and favourites. Other people looked further into the mistakes and started asking questions about the man who pieces the letter together, a decorated law graduate and someone who wrote for the Cornell Law Review.

Speculation around wether the typos were done on purpose are beginning to surface. The question is what does Trump or his legal team have to gain by publishing these spelling errors?

Matthew Nussbaum on Twitter

Lots of crazy stuff in that statement. They also misspelled “President.

Ned Resnikoff on Twitter

Genius lawyering: Now if ever wants out, he can always say he was representing the predisent this whole time, not the president.

Sources have analysed the entire piece and spotted grammar errors plastered on the entire letter. Despite Donald Trump being the most important client Marc Kasowitz and his team have, they misspelled his title. Continuing on with adding unnecessary spacing between words and also forgetting to add spaces to words.

The legal team have stated on their website they have represented “President Donald J. Trump in a wide range of litigation matters for over 15 years.”