Donald Trump’s Announcement On Climate Change Has People Shocked

U.S. President Donald Trump has announced the retirement- of the United States from the much discussed Paris agreement on climate. After days of thinking, and despite his daughter’s inclination to stay, on the document released by the White House, Trump insists on finding a right deal that can satisfy everyone. In fact, he said the United States will begin to negotiate a new climate agreement. Such a positions aligns with the ones of Syria and Nicaragua, the only countries that haven’t signed the papers.

Trump confirmed once again his disapproval towards Obama’s negotiation, since to him the targets that had been set were not realistic. In fact, it left some countries, like China, a pass for many years, while his own state couldn’t cope with the requirements. However, the U.S. withdraw is going to take three or four years, as it is not an immediate process.

Ex-president Barack Obama responds to Trump’s accusations, saying that the actual administration is joining a bunch of nations that refuse to face the future. On the contrary, those who accepted the agreement have made a significant step forward and will help protecting the planet for the future generations.

To Jennifer Morgan, executive director of Greenpeace International, Trump’s decision will marginalize The U.S. The agreement involves about 200 countries, proving an energetic revolution is bound to happen.

Donald Trump Climate Change
Donald Trump Climate Change

Russian president Putin stated instead that he gives great importance to the climate agreement, but that it will be ineffective without a key player like U.S.A. China, on the other side, is going to continue to work with the European Union. As the country’s Foreign Minister spokesperson said, climate change is a global challenge that no country can ignore. Furthermore, it is necessary to follow a sustainable development model even if others have changed their mind.

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